Dai Xun
Updated: 2016-08-03

Dai Xun, Ph.D


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1998, Sichuan University, Ph.D. Ancient Chinese Literary theory

1991,Heilongjiang University, M.A. Literature theory

1985,SouthwestNormal University, B.A. Chinese Literature

Professional Experience

2015 to presentProfessor, Department of Chinese, Xiamen University

2000-2015, professor, Department of Chinese, Southwest University

1991-2000, assistant professor, Department of Chinese, Southwest Normal University

1985 to 1988, Teaching assistant, Sichuan TV University at Zigong

2009-2010visiting scholar& visiting fellow, Cornell University

2013-2014, visiting scholar, University of Idaho

2009-present, member of editorial board, Culture and Philosophy, Europe

2009-2014, Chutian Distinguished Professor of Hubei province

2015-present, Minjiang River Distinguished Professor of Fujian province

2007-present,founder-president, Chongqing Association for Aesthetics

2002-present, vice-president, Chongqing Comparative Literature Association

2013-present, Member of the Undergraduate Teaching Guidance Committee for art theory, Ministry of Education

Research Area

He mainly studies literary theory and aesthetics,focuses on comparative poetics and comparative aesthetics, such asthe interaction between the sinicization of western literary theory and the westernization of the Chinese literary theory. Recentlyhe gradually extendshis research range tothe discourse form of Chinese and Western literary theory, and the spreading of eastliterary theory in the English speaking world.He is also interesting in urban landscape aesthetics, square dancing and other popular aesthetical culture.

Courses Taught

Selected readings of classical aesthetics

Comparative aesthetics

Research methods and thesis writing

Recent development of aesthetics

Contemporary academic trend

Selected Publications

1, “Three key issues of Ecocriticism in British-American”, Academic Monthly, 2015, (11)

2, “The Appropriateness of Aesthetic Attitude: How to Expound the Natural Beauty in Chinese Contemporary Aesthetics”Social Science Front, 2000, (4)

3, “Crisis and Reform: On the Discourse Form of Chinese Literary Theory”, Literature Review, 2011, (6)

4, Western Literary Theory in China, Beijing: Chinese Publishing House, 2008