He Changsheng
Updated: 2016-08-03

He Changsheng, Ph.D.


Ph. D   advisor

Tel: 13599541384



1993, B.Sc., graduated fromChinese department, Hubei College of Education;

1999, M.Sc, Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Chinese department, Hubei University;

2002, Ph.D., Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Chinese department,Wuhan University.


Work Experience

2002-2004, postdoctor,Nanjing University;

2004-2009, Associate professor, Xiamen University;

2009--, Professor, Xiamen University.


Research Area

Main research area is modern Chinese literature and academic history of arts. From the evolutionary process of  literature itselfstudy of  literature has its own construction of knowledge in multiple dimensions such as timespaceand aesthetics


Teaching Courses

1Introduction to Literature

2Modern western literary theory

3Methodology of Literary Criticism

4Modern Chinese Literary Theory

5The modernityof modern China


Academic papers

1. How Is “Aesthetic Salvation”Possible?..2016, (1).

2. Choice between Science and Humanity. .2015, (9).

3. Discovery of National Language of China and Reconstrution of Guoxue. .2013, (3).

4. Modern Chinese Literature: Academic Traditions and Disciplinary Status.. 2012, (4)..

5. On ZhongshuQian’sDissertation. literarycriticism. 2012,(2).


The Scholarly Genealogy of Literature in Modern China,ChineseSocialSciencePress, November2012.

The HistoryofLiteratureinSinophoneSystemA translation,Nanjing University Press,2014.