Qian Jianzhuang
Updated: 2016-08-03

Qian Jianzhuang, Ph.D.


Doctoral supervisor

Personal Resume

Qian Jianzhuang, graduated from Zhejiang University and got doctor degree in 2003. The doctoral dissertation, whose title is Recombination of Cultural Maps and Recreation of Literal Destiny: the Historical and Cultural Investigations of Song Dynasty Literary World after Crossing the South Yangtze River”(文化版图的重组与文学命运的再造——宋南渡文坛的历史文化考察), got the reward of National Hundred Best Doctoral Dissertation.

At the same year, Mr.Qian got his position at Xiamen University. During the year of 2005 and 2009, Qian worked in the Post-doctoral station of the School of Higher Education of Xiamen University, The postdoctoral outbound report is Imperial Examination Culture and Song Dynasty Literary(科举文化与宋代文学). Mr. Qian has ever got the academic supervision of Prof. Wang Zhaoming, Liu Zunming, Wu Xionghe and Liu Haifeng. Song Dynasty Literature is Mr. Qians Main research field. Mr. Qian has ever published three academic works, including Recombination of Cultural Maps and Recreation of Literal Destiny in early Nan Song(南宋初期的文化重组与文学新变), The Cultural Investigation of Song Dynasty Literature(宋代文学的历史文化考察), A Commentary on Song Shi Wen yuan Zhuan(宋史文苑传笺证). Mr. Qian has anticipated at least 7 academic works compilations, including Great Dictionary of Song Ci(宋词大辞典), Chinese Poetics Research(中国诗学研究), Song Literary Geniuses Biograpy (宋才子传笺证)and A Course on Tang and Song Poetry (唐宋诗词教程)and Ci. Mr. Qian has published more than 40 pieces of academic articles on the national academic journals such as: Literary Heritage(文学遗产), Literature(文献), Journal of Chinese Literature and History(中华文史论丛), Journal of Zhejiang University(浙江大学学报), Journal of Xiamen University(厦门大学学报), Jianghuai Forum(江淮论坛), Historical Research in Anhui(安徽史学), Jianghai Academic Journal(江海论坛), New Arts(新美术), and three articles of them above were published in Literary Heritage, Eight of them were reprinted by Information Center for Social Science RUC. Mr. Qian has taken charge of one programme of Ministry Personnel Fund, and took charge of one programme of Provincial Social Science and one Ministry of Education Social Science. He has been managing one programme of National Social Science Fund. Mr.Qian has ever got the third reward from Xiamen and Fujian Province Social Science academic achievements two times.and in 2016 , selected in the new century excellent talent support program ofFujian Province.Mr QianHas been to the Academia Sinica and the Harvard University for learning and communicating.

The main research fields of recent years contains Ci-poetryImperial examinations and literature in the Song DynastyDaily life and literature in the Song Dynasty et al.