Wang Yu
Updated: 2016-08-03

Wang Yu Ph.D. 



1986, B.Sc., Fujian Norma lUniversity;

1999, M.Sc, Fujian Normal University, majored in literature theory;

2004, Ph.D., Nanjing University, majored in modern and contemporary Chinese literature.


Professional Experience

1986-2000, taught in school of Chinese Literature of Ningde Normal College;

2004/06-2008/08, Vice Professor, College of Humanities, Xiamen University;

2008/08-present, Professor, College of Humanities, Xiamen University.

2013, Visiting scholar in Taiwan University.

2015, Visiting scholar in Brown University.

2015, employed as the first-class teaching & research position of XiamenUniversity.


Research Area

Wang Yu’s expertise lies in modern and contemporary Chinese literature, especially in the reinterpretation of the literature symbols and intelligence lineage of the a-hundred-year new literature, from the perspective of gender. Recently, her interests of research turn to the literature interpretation of rural culture, disease discourse and medical treatment, as well as the knowledge background of these topics, based on which she will observe the series of fundamental themes of the a-hundred-year new literature.


Courses Taught

Contemporary Chinese Literature (course for undergraduates)

Topic Research of Contemporary Chinese Literature (course for graduates)

Academic Trends of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature (course for Ph.D. candidates)

Selected Publications

Papers (the bold items refer to the dissertations published on the first-class national core journals):

1.“Medical Treatment, Fertility and Gender: the History and Narration of Rural Culture”, Modern Chinese Literature Researches Series, Vol.5, 2016.

2.“CrossingWriting” and “subconscious gender perspective”, Yangtze Comments, Vol.12, 2015.

3.“The Meaning of Narrating Lin Huiyin’s Life Experiences: a Case Study of Female and Chinese Modernity”, Academic Monthly, Vol.6, 2015. (This paper was reprinted on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Vol.12, 2015.)

4.“The relationship between human being and the nature represented in the seventeen-year literature”, Theoretical Study on Literature and Art, Vol.3, 2015. (the name of the second writer is Hong Liu)

5.“The Blank and Transition: the Complexity of Sun Li’s Rural Female narration”, Academic Journal of Nankai University, Vol.4, 2014.

6.“Intellectuals, Rural Culture and Rural Females”, Academic Monthly, Vol.7,2014.

7.“The Blooming and Its Meaning of Rural Female Narration of the 21st century”, Academic Journal of Nankai University, Vol.2, 2013. (This paper was reprinted on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Vol.8, 2013.)

8.“The Multiple Cultural Metaphors of the Literary Image of ‘San Xian Gu’”, Academic Monthly, Vol.1, 2013.

9.“The Narration of Rural Modernity and the Literary Images of Rural Females”, Academic Journal of XiamenUniversity, Vol.1, 2013.

10.“Encounter the rural culture: the inter-textual relationship among ‘Black Steed’ ‘White Dog Swing’ and ‘the Story of Xiao Huang Mi’”, Literature Contending, Vol.10, 2013.

11.“The Century Allegory of Space and Gender”, Social Science of JiangsuProvince, Vol.4, 2012.

12.“Relationship between the Male Intellectuals and the Rural Females”, Academic Journal of NankaiUniversity, Vol.4, 2011.

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21.“The Ideological Meaning of ‘Reformation & Romantic Love’ Narrative Pattern”, Academic Journal of XiamenUniversity, Vol.6, 2005. (This paper was included in the Research of Contemporary Chinese Literature, Vol.2006.)


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