Han Yu
Updated: 2016-08-03

Yu HAN, Ph.D.



E-mail: lsyhan@xmu.edu.cn



1993, B.A. Northeast Normal University;

1996, M.A.Northeast Normal University

1999, Ph.D.Northeast Normal University


Professional Experience

1999-2000, Assistant Professor, History department,Northeast Normal University;

2000-2002,Assistant Professor, History department, Xiamen University;

2002-2011, Associate Professor,History department, Xiamen University;

2011-present, Professor, History department, Xiamen University.


Research Area

Urban and regional history of the United States

Courses Taught

American regional historySelected topics of American history

English for Chinese historians

Selected Publications

The High-tech Cities of the United States (Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2009)

The Roads to Innovation City: On the High-tech Transformation of Austin and Research Triangle Area of North Carolina in the United States,” Journal of World History 195(No.2 2009), 14-24.

The Growth of Service Industries in American Northeast since the Second World War,” Journal of American Studies (No.3 2006), 93-106.

The Economic Restructuring of Massachusetts since the Second World War,” Journal of World History 181(No.6 2006), 54-63.

 The Origins of the American Snowbelt, Journal of World History156 (No.5 2002), 17-24.