Xu Dongsheng
Updated: 2016-08-03

Xu Dongsheng


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E-mail: xw70682@xmu.edu.cn



1991, B.Sc., Shandong University;

1997, M.Sc, Xiamen University;

2000, Ph.D.,Xiamen University.


Professional Experience

1991-1994,Work at Vehicle and Casting Factory,Zhumadian, Henan Province;

2000/08,Lecturer ,Department of history, Xiamen University;

2002/12,Associate Professor, Department of History, Xiamen University;

2010/08-present, Professor,Department of History , Xiamen University.


Research Area

The history of Tang and Song Dynasty and the economic history of ancient china.Pay attentionto the basic issues of traditional society and the academic focus, especially pay attention to the study of the problem of handicraft industry, taxation, price and so on.


Courses Taught

Chinese historiography history; Chinese economic history; Chinese ancient economic thought history; the history of Tang and Song Dynasties, etc.


Selected Publications

1. DongSheng XU.The relationship between the interest subjects under the Song Dynasty.The study of Chinese economic history.2012(1).

2. DongSheng XU.The new exploration of white sugar production origin Chinese.The study of Chinese economic history.2010(1).

3.DongShengXU.Zhanxian,zhuchui,yige:deferring taxes of song Dynasty.Research of Chinese history.2007(4).

4. DongSheng XU.The historical evolution of the market name of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.2007(3)

5.DongSheng XU.Study on the Northern Song Dynasty cast money problems.Research of Chinese history.2006(4).

6. DongSheng XU.Study on the handicraft organization of the Song Dynasty.People's publishing house, 2012.