Chao Xiaohong
Updated: 2016-08-03

Chao Xiaohong, Ph.D.

Professor of History

Vice Dean, College of Humanities, Xiamen University.

Tel: 86-592-2185751

E-mail: cxh@xmu.edu.cn


1991, B.A., Shaanxi Normal University;

1994, M.A., Shaanxi Norma lUniversity;

1997, Ph.D., Xiamen University.


Professional Experience

1997-1999, Assistant Professor of History, XiamenUniversity.

2000-2005, Associate Professor of History, Department of History, College of Humanities, Xiamen University.

2002-2003, Visiting Scholar, HarvardUniversity.

2006-present, Professor of History, Department of History, College of Humanities, Xiamen University.

2008- present, Vice Dean, College of Humanities, Xiamen University.


Research Area

environmental history, socio-economic history in Late Imperial China, hydrological history in Late Imperial China.


Courses Taught

Environmental Evolution and Socio-economic History in Late Imperial China, Doctoral Course.

Studies on Environmental History, Graduate Course.

Socio-economic History in China, Graduate Course.

Critical Approaches to Twentieth Century Historiography of the Ming & Qing Dynasties, Undergraduate Course.

History and Historical Study, Undergraduate Course.


Selected Publications

1. Chao, Xiaohong, “The Turbidity and Clarity of the Rivers Jing and Wei: An Analysis of the Examination Undertaken during the Qianlong Reign and Its Implications,” Social Sciences in China(top journal in China),Vol.240, No.12 (Dec. 2015),pp.177-198.

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4. Chao, Xiaohong, “Survey and Discovery about the Documents of Water Conservancy in the Middle Part of GuanZhong (the middle part of ShaanxiProvince) since Ming & Qing Dynasties,”OsakaJapan: Researches in Chinese Water Conservancy History, No.41 (March 2012),pp.1-21.

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