Yang Guozhen
Updated: 2016-08-03

Yang Guozhen

Professor. Doctoral tutor

Tel: 86-592-2183146

E-mail: gzyang@xmu.edu.cn



1961/06, B.Sc., Xiamen University.


Professional Experience

1961/07-1978/08, Assistant , the history department , Xiamen University;

1978-1983,Lecturer ,the history department , Xiamen University;

1984-1986,Deputy director ,the Institute of history, Xiamen University;1985/11,Professor , Xiamen University;

1985/04-1985/07,Visiting scholar, the Institute of Humanities,Kyoto University of Japan;

1985/09-1986/09,Visiting scholar, the Center for East Asian Studies,Stanford University;

1987-2006,Director of the Institute of history, Xiamen University;

1988-2007,the Seventh, eighth ,ninth, tenth ofChinese People's Political Consultative Conference Committee member;

1994/04-1994/10, Visiting scholar, the Oriental Institute,Oxford University;

1996,Visiting professor, the Institute of history,Taiwan's National Central Univer;

1997-2008,Member of the academic committee of the State Council in the fourth and five session of the academic committee of the State Council;

2000, Visiting scholar, the history department ,Taiwan's National Chengchi University;

2004-2007,Adjunct professors,Ocean University of China;2005,Academic Committee Director ,Ocean Development Research Institute;the chief expert , innovation base of maritime development research of philosophy and social sciences innovation in 985 Project ;

2008-2010,Chair Professor, the History Department,Capital Normal University;

2010-present,honorable professor and Doctoral tutor, Xiamen University;


Research Area

Chinese ancient history, focusing on the history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties; the social and economic history, focusing on the study of land contract documents; the maritime social and economic history; China’smaritime civilization and the history of the sea.



Selected Publications

1.The biography of Lin Zexu, the People press,1981;

2. Study on land contract documents in Ming and Qing Dynasties,the People press,1986;

3. the Series of Ocean and China( Editor),Jiangxi University Press,1998;

4.the Series of Ocean China and the world(Editor), Jiangxi University Press,2003;

5.Special topics on Chinese marine civilization(Editor), the People press,2016.