Chen Xile
Updated: 2016-08-03

Chen Xile, Ph.D.

Professor;PhD supervisor

Tel: 0592-2181616,18050056946



1979, B.Ph., Fudan University;

1982, M.Ph, Xiamen University;

2006, Ph.D., Xiamen University.

Professional Experience

1.1982--1996,lecturer and associate professor,Department of natural dialectics, Xiamen University;

2.1997--,Associate professor and Professor, Department of philosophy, Xiamen University.

Research Area

1.Scientific epistemology. The nature and the law of motion, the method and the value of scientific understanding, especially the essence of knowledge innovation and the information of knowledge innovation, and the law of its movement are deeply studied.

2.Science and technology and society. To study the interaction between science and technology and the social function of science and technology in contemporary society, especially to the application of the theory of science and technology.

3.Science and technology policy and management. Research on the strategy of regional science and technology, economy and environment coordinated development; the integration of scientific and technological resources, organizations of science and technology innovation, science and technology management system research; on both sides of the Taiwan Straits scientific and technological cooperation and exchange, cross-strait science and technology resources comparison and optimization of allocation policy research.

Courses Taught

1.Modern science and technology revolution and the Marx doctrine (Science and engineering doctoral degree course)

2.Dialectics of nature (Master's degree in science and Engineering)

3.Research on science and technology innovation and management (doctoral degree)

4.Science and technology policy and management (Master's degree course)

5.In Marx's original (Master degree course)

6.Modern western philosophy of Science (Master's degree)

7.Philosophy of science and Technology (undergraduate course)

8.Philosophy of management (Undergraduate elective)

Selected Publications

1.Paper:Paper topics, published journals, volumes,issue published time;

1.On the position of anthropology in scientific classification.Journal of Xiamen University(Arts & Social Sciences),1981(3):383-390.

2.On scientific doubt as a form of thinking.Journal of Xiamen University(Natural Science),1985(1):46-53.

3.Comparative study of Chinese and Western ways of thinking.Journal of Xiamen University(Arts & Social Sciences),1991(4):85-89.

4.New scientific and technological revolution and change of thinking mode.Journal of Xiamen University(Arts & Social Sciences),1993(4):87-92.

5.On the socialist market economy and scientific and technological progress.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,1993(6):51-55.

6.Development of scientific and technical personnel resources of overseas Chinese.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,1997(6):27-31.

7.Comparison of the development and management of science and technology information resources on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.Studies In Science of Science,20004:81-87.

8.On the Information Motion in the Process of the Knowledge Innovation.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2001(1):37-42.

9.On the Flexible Structure of the Scientific and Technological Organization.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2001(9):51-54.

10.Leisure and Enhancing of Personal Qualities in The 21st Century.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2002(6):43-45.

11.On the innovation of science and technology organization in the information age.Science Technology and Dialectics,2003(4):68-72.

12.The Net Motion of Doubt Thinking , Reconstruction of Problem Space and Replacement of Paradigm.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2006(4):5-8.

13.Analysis on the Application of the Goal Setting Theory in the Scientific Research Organizations.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2006(7):73-76.

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Configuration and Integration Mechanism.Scientific Management Research2011(3):11-15.

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17.The Transformation of Paradigms for the Study of Policy Implementation.Journal of Xiamen University(Arts & Social Sciences),20131:1-8.

18.The Research about Japans Science and Technology evolution and Execution after World War ii.Scientific Management Research,2013(5):108-112.

19.The Statement of Science and Technology Paradigm Shift after World War .Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2015(6):72-77.

20.The Statement of Science and Technology Policy Implementation of Flexible Modes. Scientific Management Research.2015(5):13-16.

21.Alliance Conflict of Global Climate Governance and Corresponding Policy Study.Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology.2016,332:95-100.

22.Challenges of Big Data Analytics in theory and practice.Studies in Dialectics of Nature,2016(7):75-80.

2.Books: book title, publisher, publishing time

1.Research on science and technology resources across the Taiwan Straits,China Social Sciences Publishing House2000.5

2.The scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan,Fujian People’s Publishing House2006.6

3.Knowledge innovation and information dissemination in the network age,Xiamen University Press2007.3

4.The integration of science and technology resources and the innovation of organization and management,Science Press2007.11

5.Natural dialectics course,Xiamen University Press2009.4

6.Research on the integration strategy of science and technology resources between Fujian and Taiwan,Xiamen University Press2013.10

7.Research on the development mode and Countermeasures of the new scientific research institutions,Xiamen University Press2016.5

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