Zhu Renqiu
Updated: 2016-08-03


Zhu Renqiu, Ph.D,originally from Anhui province, professor of department of philosophy, college of humanities XiamenUniversity.



The main published book: Research on cultural philosophy of Confucianism, An interpretation of Great Learning(《大学》),Compilation of Fujian document160 copies, New horizons of east Asia'sZhuism research, The east Asia'sZhuismresearch in the last one hundred years ,and so on.

The main published paper: The formation, development and transition of Neo-Confucian discourse -- with a focus on the doctrine of “stilling the nature”(定性) in Song period, Liu-jing-zao-po六经糟粕)Theory andNeo-Confucianism’s transformation in the Ming DynastyYan-yi-ti(衍义体)A new model of classic interpretation, Zhuxi’s “quan-ti-da-yong”(全体大用)thought and it’s developmentDiscourse analysis and the transformation ofChinese philosophy research paradigm and so on.

The main courses: A History of Chinese Philosophy,Introduction to Confucianism, Research of Zhuism, The class of cultivating mind of Confucian ,Research of Great Learning(《大学》), and so on.