Huang Yongfeng
Updated: 2016-08-03

Huang Yongfeng, Ph.D. 

Fujian Province Outstanding Youth Social Science Expert, Professor, Doctoral Advisor

Director of Daoism and Traditional Culture Research Center, Xiamen University

Tel: 13666011911


1999, B.Hi.,History Education, Department of History, Fujian Normal University;

2002, M.Ph.,Religion, Department of History, Fujian Normal University;

2005, Ph.D.,Philosophy of Science and Technology, Department of Philosophy, Xiamen University;

Professional Experience

2005/08-2008/08, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Xiamen University and Postdoctoral Fellow at School of Public Administration, Sichuan University;

2008/08-2012/08, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Xiamen University

2012/08-present, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Xiamen University

Research Area

I have been interested in the Daoist Literature, Daoistmedicine and science of nourishing life since I worked for my master degree. And I have been working hard in these two areas for all these years. In recent years, I host the National Social Science Project “Collecting, Collating and Studying of Daoshu and Hundreds of Its Quoting Books”. Daoshu is an important Daoistclassic which quoted hundreds of books. The project is dedicated to acomprehensive research on them. It tries to clarify the development history and thought evolution of Daoist literature on nourishing life before Song Dynasty. This kind of elaborate basic research work contributes to the discipline constructionof Daoist Literature Studies and helps counterparts to carry out follow-up study. Meanwhile, exploring the Daoist essence of nourishing life and alchemy ideological essence is conducive to make the past serve the present, also conducive to Sino foreign cultural exchanges.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses: History of Chinese Philosophy,Introduction to Chinese Philosophy;

Master’s degree courses: History of Daoist Thought, Study of Daoist Classics;

Doctor’s degree course: Research Methodology of Chinese Philosophy History, Lecture on Frontiers of Chinese Philosophy and Religion, and so on.

Selected Publications

1. Articles:

“Daoshu and Its Thought of Nourishing Life,”Journal of Dialectics of Nature, 2004, 6.

“Three Problems on Daoist Outer Alchemy,”History of Chinese Philosophy, 2009, 3.

“Some Thinking on the Study of Chinese Daoist Thought History,”Philosophical Trends, 2011, 4.

2. Books

Study on Daoist Technology of Dietetics, Orient Publishing Center, 2008.

The Development of Daoism in Contemporary China, Orient Publishing Center, 2011.

Daoist Medicine and Nourishing Life (eight volumes), the fifth division ofCentenary Daoist Essence Collection, BashuShushe, 2014.