Chen Ling
Updated: 2016-08-03

Chen Ling, Ph.D.

Professor. Ph.D   Supervisor.

Tel: 13606901509



1994, B.Sc., Fujian normal University;

2004, M.Sc, Fujian normal University;

2007, Ph.D., Xiamen University.


Professional Experience

2008-2010, Postdoctoral Fellow at Religion has, Sichuan university;

2007-2010,Assistant professor, Department of philosophy, Humanities college, xiamen university;

2010-2015,Associate professor, Department of philosophy, Humanities college, xiamen university;

2015-present, Professor , Department of philosophy, Humanities college, xiamen university;

Research Area

The research direction of scientific thought and philosophy of science. From tang hui yao, spectrum recorded valuable kind classics written in ancient books of literature of science and technology, from the Angle of Taoist ideas interact with mathematical thought from Taiwan as a typical regional science and technology thought research, from the ancient China and east Asia the abacus culture around the world and make, the more and the school of mathematics philosophy, from Chinese traditional scientific thought and the relationship between Confucianism and other multi-angle, multi-dimensional research abundant thoughts of science and technology of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate course:Introduction to science development;

Graduate course:Scientific and technological development,Dialectics of nature;

Selected Publications

1. New Research Domain of the History of Science and Its Enlightenment on Broadening Research Field. Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2015, 37(3): 83-87.

2. The Zhouyi and Traditional Chinese Mathematics.Journal of xiamen university. 2014,222 (2): 66-72.

3. Jean Dieudonnē and His Philosophy of Mathematics. Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2013, 35(5): 25-29.

4.The Abacus Cultural Studies in Ancient China and the East Asian World. Journal of xiamen university.2013, 219(5):46-53.

5.Zhu xi and Science. Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2012, 34(6): 31-35.

6.A Stuty of the Development of Research Institution in Taiwan. Journal of xiamen university. 2012,213 (5): 59-66.

7. Research Development in Taiwan Science and Technology During Tang and Sui Period. Journal of xiamen university. 2011,203 (1): 70-75.

8.The Scientific and Cultural Significance of Histories and Genealogies.Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2011, 33(2): 94-119.

9. The Interaction Between Li Chunfengs Taoism and Mathematics Thoughts.Philosophical Trends.2011,(11): 115-121.

10. The Interaction between Taoism and Mathematics Thoughts. Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2010, 32(1): 76-81.

11. New Exploration on LaoZhuang’s Skepticism Philosophy.Philosophical Trends. 2010,(2): 41-48.

12. An Analysis of the Agronomic Thoughts in Tang Dynasty. Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2009, 31(3): 79-85.

2.Book:The Scientific and Technological Ideology in Tang Hui Yao.Bei jing:Science press. 2008.