Lin Guanchao
Updated: 2016-08-03

Lin Guanchao, Li.D.

Associate Professor. 

Tel: 86-592-2187102



1991, B.Sc., Fujian Shifan University;

2001, M.Sc, Otani University,Kyoto

2004, Ph.D., Otani University,Kyoto


Professional Experience

2004/08-present, Associate Professor, School of Philosophy, Xiamen University.


Research Area

The course is mainly offered for students majored in philosophy. The topics include: the basic features and functions of Chinese Studies; the history of Chinese Studies; the basic point on Chinese Studies; the methods of Chinese Studies; the value of Chinese Studies; etc.

Courses Taught

本科生课程《国学导论》(An Introdution to Chinese Studies

本科生课程《宗教学概说》(An Introduction to the Science of Religion

硕士生课程《中国佛教经典选读》(Reading the texts of Chinese Buddhism

Selected Publications

1. 《隐元隆琦禅师》(Chan Master Yin-yuan Long-qi),厦门大学出版社,201010月。

2. 《临济宗黄檗派与日本黄檗宗》(Huangbo School of Linji Zong and Huangbo Zong in Japan),中国财富出版社。20133月。