Xu Mengqiu
Updated: 2016-08-03

Xu Mengqiu




Mengqiu XU is a professor of Xiamen University. Professor XU is a tutor of Doctoral candidate and a Minjiang Scholar, who enjoys special government allowance granted by the state council. He is a executive member of the council of China Dialectic Materialism Association and The Society for Value Inquiry of China, and a council member of China Marx and Engels Association and China Business Management Association. He has acted as a committee member of The Association for Study of Natural dialectics in China and was invited as a chair professor of Northeastern University. Professor XU has served as chairman of Philosophical Association of Fujian Province and a member of the third and the fourth philosophy education steering committee. He also acted as a referee for numerous academic journals including: Philosophy Gate, Southeastern Academic, Journal of Xiamen University (philosophy and social science edition). Besides, Professor XU has served as the dean of department of philosophy and vice president of Faculty of Humanities at Xiamen University. Several years ago, He went to Calvin College in the United States to deliver lectures and have academic communication.

When Professor XU served as the chairman of Philosophical Association of Fujian Province, he made a positive contribution to the development of theory and philosophy in Fujian province. During his tenure of serving as a Dean and a Vice President, Professor XU established three doctoral programs and First Level Discipline Doctoral Degree Authorization Center with other leaders and faculties, which made great contribution to the development of the discipline of philosophy in Xiamen University.

Since his engaged in teaching, Professor XU has published more than sixty papers on some well-known academic journals such as Social sciences in China, philosophical Researches, Philosophical Trends, Marxism and Reality, Journal of Dialectics of Nature, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, Journal of Peking University, Academic MonthlyJournal of Literature History and philosophy, Guangming Daily, and Social Sciences in Chinese Higher Education Institutions. He also published more than more than ten books including works, textbooks and translated-works such as The General Theory of Norms and Subjectivity Theory in The Commercial Press and other Press. He has presided over a number of projects including a Key project supported by National Social Science Fund, three projects supported by National Social Science Fund, a Key project and some General projects supported by Social science Fund of Fujian Province. In these years, Professor XU has took many awards granted by The Ministry of Education and Fujian Province for his outstanding achievements in researches and teaching.

Research Area

His researches well-known and have a great influence in the field of Marxist philosophy, Epistemology and Theory of Norms. He opened up The Researches on Norms which is a new academic field in China. Professor XU not only expounded the objects, methods, basic problems and the theoretical framework of The Researches on Norms, but also applied its paradigm and methods to The Research of Scientific and Technical Norms. Some of his views has become a statement of a school, and which not only has significant impact in the fields of philosophy but also make great contributions to the research on Science of Law, Education Science, Sociology,Theoretical Economics, Applied EconomicsManagement Science, political theory, Administrative science, Science of physical Culture and Sports and other domains. He acted as the chief editor of A Series of books on The Researches on Norms. His studies on Social Equality also gained significant achievements. The series of papers on this issue he published have cited or publicized by more than 90 journals and more than 60 Doctoral Theses and Master Theses. These achievements helped him to win the third prize of The Fourth Outstanding Achievements award for The Humanities and Social Sciences Research in Chinese Universities and the first prize of The fifth Outstanding Achievements for Philosophy and Social Sciences in Fujian Province.

Selected Publications

Books (6)

General Theory of NormsThe Commercial Press2010.

On Norms of science-----visionof Merton (co-author:Ouyang Feng)The Commercial Press2012.

Enterprise Ethics and Career Morality Principels of Accountant(co-author:Chen Hanwen etc.)Economic Science Press2005.

On subject(co-author:Shang Yingwei) Fujian People’s Publishing House1995.

On libertyFujian People’s Publishing House1993.

Piaget’s theory of cognitive and affective development (Translation)Xiamen university Press1989.

Journal articles (43)

Research on Fairness:

The Classification of Fairness and the Proportions in Different Kinds of Fairness, Social Sciences in China,2001/1.

Factors and form of a fair competition ,Philosophical Researches,2005/10.

Quality and quantity of Fairnessobtain what he deservers and the equality of Proportion, Philosophical Trends,2010/7.


Research on theory of Norms:

Object and nature of the theory of Norms, Philosophical Trends,2000/11.

Foundation of Norms and intermediary of Liberty, Philosophical Researches2001/7.

How could Norms be possible?,Academic Monthly,2002/7.

Rationality of Norms, procedure and Category of its judgment,Philosophical Trends,2009/9.

The Classification and Function of Norms,Philosophical Trends,2006/6.

Research on Marxist Philosophy:

Possibilityreality and limit of the Sinicization of Marxism,Marxism & Reality,2009/1.

Perform related elective course’ s functions of Marxist educational,Theoretical Front In Higher Education,2007/2.

Complexity and Fallibility of testing truth by practice and its reason,fujianluntan(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1998/6.

Outline of Engels’ thought on Subjectivity of Cognition,Journal of Peking university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1995/6.

Outline of Category system of Subjectivity,Journal of Literature,History & Philosophy,1995/2.

Practice School’s reply to Hume’s problem,Journal of Xiamen university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1994/4.

Sence and meaning of “Anatomy of sparrows”,Theoretical Front In Higher Education,1994/10.

Structural Analysis of Liberty,Journal of Xiamen university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1992/2.

Engels’s thought on Subjectivity of Cognition------the art of applying concept,Academic Monthly,1991/8.

Research on Norms of science and technology:

Some Empirical Investigations on “universalism” by the Mertonian School , Journal of Dialectics of Nature,2010/4.

The Values and Norms in Merton's Theory of the Norms of Science, Journal of Xiamen university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),2008/1.

The connotation,Sort,Function,Structure nad Form of the Norm of science,Journal of Dialectics of Nature,2004/3.

The Economic Turn in Contemporary Science Theory,JOURNAL OF RENMIN UNIVERSITY OF CHINA,2008/6.

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The Content,Rationality and Applicable Sphere of the“Disinterestedness”, Studies in Dialectics of Nature2004/6.

On Characteristics and Meaning of Technology Norm, Journal of Dialectics of Nature2008/5.

On Category of Technology Norm, Studies in Dialectics of Nature2008/6.

Research on Norms of Law:

Does the Discrete between Morality and Law succeed?,Tianjin Social Sciences,2010/3.

Rationality of the Norms of Law,Tianjin Social Sciences, 2009/2.

How could Norms of Law be possible?,Journal of Xiamen university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),2006/6.

Research on Western Meta-ethics

The Refutation and Vindication of “Open Question” Argument: Trend in Contemporary Western Meta-ethics,Journal of Xiamen university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),2011/2.

TrendsAccomplishmentGains and Losses of research on Western Meta-ethicsover the past 20 years,Philosophical Trends,2011/1.

Charles L.Stevenson’s Ethics bifurcation theory,Social Science Journal,2010/3.

Research on Epistemology

An Overview of Research on Epistemology over the past 20 years, Journal of Xiamen university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1996/3.

Historic investigation on the distinguish between “analyticalproposition”and”synthetical proposition”, Journal of Xiamen university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1995/4.

Accumulation and intermediary,Academic Monthly,1994/7.

Conceptual Framework and Theoretical Thinking,fujianluntan(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1990/4.

On the “Abstraction down to Particular” in the “form Particular to Abstraction”,Fujianluntan(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1987/5.

“divided by Three sections” and “divided not by Three sections” in the process of development,Journal of Xiamen university(Philosophical & Social Sciences),1987/3.

On the unity between analytical and synthetical, Modern Philosophy,1986/3.

Research on Philosophical Education

Conceive of Philosophy Professional Training Modetowards 21 century Philosophical Researches,2000/7.

Coherence between Physical and Metaphysical,verifying studying,skill,Implements and diversity by

the Taoism – rethinking the training model of the philosophical talents2004/5.

Some questions about application of philosophyPhilosophical Trends1987/11.