Yang Huiling
Updated: 2016-08-05

Yang Huiling,Ph.D



1990,BA,XiangtanNormal College;

1996,MA, Xiamen University;

2004,LD, Nanjing University.

Professional Experience

1990.08—1993.07,Taoyuan No 9 Middle School, Hunan Province;

1996.08—2001.07,Normal CollegeJimei University;

2004.06-present,College of humanities, Xiamen University.

Research Area

I focuses on thetraditional Chinese opera .The important is the relationship between the history ofKunqu and Family Cultures. Sincemy participation in the National Social and Science Fund art key task “the theories of Chinese opera and criticism History in the 20th Century”, Ialso understand the theories and the evolution of 20th century Chinese opera , and published many articles related .At present ,I amtrying to use the method of rural survey to study cultural ecology of local opera by Anthropology .


Courses Taught

The History of ChineseLiterature (Yuan Ming Qing)

The History of Chinese Traditional Opera

Reading of Classic Works

Appreciation of Chinese Traditional Opera

Traditional Opera Creation

Selected Publications

1. On Reality Significance and Historic Experience about Family Opera Troupe in Ming and Qing Dynasties,Drama-The Journal of The Central Academy of Drama, 2005.01

2. On the Cause for Prosperity of Family Opera Troupe in the Late of Ming Dynasty, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Sciences Edition), 2005.01

3. Interpretation of the Gender Culture of Plays about Peace-making Marriage, Journal of Xiamen University (Arts &SocialSciences Edition) ,2010.03

4. On dramatics of Ming & Qing Zhejiang Family sacrificial association,Theatre Arts-The Journal of Shanghai Theatre Academy,2015.01

5. On the interaction of Jiangnan familial culture and Kunqu Opera during the Ming and Qing dynastiesJournal of Xiamen University(Arts & Social Sciences Edition) ,2015.04

6. A Study on theOpera Troupe of Family in Ming and Qing Dynasties,Xiamen university Press,2006.

the Jiangnan prominent family in the Ming and Qing dynasties and Kunqu opera, Xiamen university Press,2016.