Zhao Yiyi
Updated: 2016-08-05

Zhao Yiyi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor.

Tel: +8618650183331



PhD student in Applied Linguistics (Computational Linguistics),Communication University of China. June 2011

MA in Applied Linguistics,Communication University of China. June 2008

BA in Chinese Language and Literature (Applied Linguistics), Department of Applied Linguistics, Communication University of China. June 2005

Professional Experience

2011-2015, Assistant Professor, at Department of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Humanities, Xiamen University;

2015-present, Associate Professor, at Department of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Humanities, Xiamen University.

Research Area

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics&Computational Linguistics, Dependency Grammar, Complex Networks & Cognitive Science.

Courses Taught

Dependency Grammar from theory to practice.Syntactic theory is an important component of linguistic theory research, is also an important part between lexical analysis and semantic analysis of natural language processing. Dependency grammar used in multilingual analysis, proved to be one of the universal linguistic theories. Learning dependency grammar theory and applying it to a Chinese syntactic analysis is the main purpose and mission of this course.

Language Planning.Language planning is a body of ideas, laws and regulations (language policy), change rules, beliefs, and practices intended to achieve a planned change (or to stop change from happening) in the language use in one or more communities. Since the 20th century China has rich experience in the practice of language planning (Pinyin, simplified Chinese characters, the promotion of Putonghua), but slightly less than in the study of language planning theory. So the main purpose of this course is to introduce the theoretical model of language planning abroad.

Semiotics.Semiotics is the scientific study of signs communication. The rise of modern semiotics has close relation with structural linguistics. In the view of Ferdinand de Saussure, Linguistics is only part of the semiotics. While,semiotic just part of the generalized linguistics in Roland Barthes’s opinion. The aim of this course is to introduce semiotics principles, theory development and the genreof semiotics.

College Chinese.

Intermediate Chinese.

Selected Publications

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  4. The Structure and Comparison among Language Co-occurrence, Syntactic, Semantic Network. Journal of Chinese Information Processing, 2014, 28(5):24-31. Zhao Yiyi, Liu Haitao.

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Funded Proposal

National Social Science Foundation of China,2014. (NO.14&CYY046).