Zhao Chuning
Updated: 2016-08-05

Zhao Chuning, Ph.D.

Associate Professor




09/1998-06/2001, EastChinaNormalUniversity, Literary Theory in Department of Chinese, Doctor of Arts

09/1995-06/1998, Inner Mongolia University, Classical Literature in Department of Chinese, Master of Arts

09/1991-06/1995, Shenyang Normal University, Chinese Language and Literature in Department of Chinese, Bachelor of Arts

Professional Experience

08/2014-08/2015, Vsiting Scholar at  Korea University

08/2001 until now, Teaching in Xiamen UniversityChinese Dept

Research Area

I have long been engaged in studies of the history of Chinese literary criticism, the history of Chinese classical opera,the theory of Chinese classical opera and the history of Chinese fiction. As a result I have been extremely involved in the research of the spread of traditional Chinese operaincluding cultural communication and acceptance overseas), the historical data of Chinese opera on the modern press and the criticism history of Chinese opera theory.

Courses Taught

Ancient Chinese Literary TheoryThe Critical History of ChineseLiterature

The Introduction and Research of Ancient Books and Records of Chinese Opera, etc.

Selected Publications

1My relevant Thesises in recent years

The Woodcut Illustrations of the Story of The Western ChamberJournal of Xiamen UniversityNo.5 2002

The Banning and Destroying of The West ChamberJournal of Inner Mongolia UniversityNo.2 2005

Which is The Best Drama in the Ming Dynasty: The West Chamber, The Tale of Pipa or The Kiosk of Worshiping the MoonChinese Traditional Opera, Art and Culture Publishing House,No.34 2006

Evolution and Value of The West Chamber Anthologies, Journal of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, No.1 2009

The Spread of Illustration Prints and Chinese Classical Opera, Chinese Traditional Opera, Culture & Art Publishing House, No.39 2009

Fantasy and the Real WorldSymbol about the Space of the Love Stories of Strange Tales from a Scholar’s StudioJournal of Xiamen UniversityNo.2 2011

Buddhist temple and Taoist temple: typical locations in Chinese classical opera of romantic story, Theatre Arts, No.6 2013

the Inquiry of Tan Xinpei’s Histrionism in Shanghai,Chinese Traditional Opera, No.3 2015

The Reception and Criticism of The Romance of the Western Chamber in Korean History, Theatre Arts, No.3 2016

2. Monograph:

Research of the Spread of The West ChamberXiamen University Press, 2005

Research of Litterateur Biography in Ming Dynasty (Coauthor), Jiangsu Phoenix Press, 2012

Theoretical Criticism History of Chinese Opera in the Twentieth Century (Coauthor), Shandong Education Press2013