Diao Peijun
Updated: 2016-08-05

Diao Peijun, Ph.D.

Associate Professor.

Tel: 05922186377O

E-mail: peijun@xmu.edu.cn



1997, Hebei University;

2002, M.A, Hebei University;

2006, Ph.D., Nankai University.


Professional Experience

2009-2011, Postdoctoral Fellow atCapitalNormalUniversity;

2007-2012,XiamenUniversity, Associate professor;

2012-2015, Associate professor, School of History, NankaiUniversity;

2016- Present,Associate professor, department of history, XiamenUniversity;


Research Area

History of Song Dynasty (The main Research Area),and Tang & Yuan Dynasties, and 20 Century History of historiography.Men and women in Chinese history.


Courses Taught

1. The Ancient History of China

2. Song DynastyofChina

3.Famous writer's daily life of Song Dynasty

4. Version identification of Chinese ancient books

5.Introduction to the study of Chinese ancient History


Selected Publications

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4. The practice of Follow the Husband Protocol of Northern Song Women. Social Science Front.2013, (7):pp 104-111.

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Book Reviews

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