Hu Jinshan
Updated: 2016-08-05

Hu Jinshan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor.

Tel: 15306980759




1984, B. A., Northeast Normal University

1995, Ph.D., Northeast Normal University

Professional Experience


Research Area

American history. Main direction of my studying is the history of ethnic America.My focuses on discussing are the experience of African American urbanization, the discrimination and segregation that African Americans had to face in American society, and the Civil Right Movements and the Affirmative Action. Furthermore, I have done some research on Native American history and condition.


Courses Taught

American History and Culture

History of the United States

Ethnic American History

Modern World History

Materials and methods of World History

Selected Publications

1.Urban History on African Americans in the Twentieth Century, Xiamen University Press, 2015.

2.The Image of China in AfricaPeking: People’s Publishing House2010.

3. Tocqueville's Discussion on Race Relations in the United States,Journal of Xiamen Universityno.32016.

4. Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and Its Impact on the Status of Indian Tribes, World History, no., 2013.

5. Affirmative Action and Racial Preferences of Higher Education in the United States,Journal of Xiamen Universityno.52012.

6.The African-American Return Migration and Its Efforts, 1970-2000,World Ethno-National Studiesno.32011.

7.Changes and Optimization of the Image of China in Africa, International Communication, no. 8, 2011.

8.Assimilation and self-determination: American Federal Policy on Indians in the Twentieth Century,Chinese Social Sciences Today, April 21, 2011.

9.“Robert E. Park and the Assimilation Theories of American Urban Immigrants,”Seeking Truthno.1 2008.

10. “The Ghettoization of American Central Cities and Afro-American Social Problems,”Journal of Xiamen University, no.2, 2007.

11.“White Racism and ‘Reverse Discrimination’ in America,”World Ethno-National Studies, no. 3, 2008.

12.“The Transformation of Racial Attitudes among American Whites in the Late 20th Century,”Journal of Xiamen University ,no.2, 2004.

13. “The Transformation of Racial Attitudes among American Whites in the Late 20th Century,” Journal of Xiamen University, no.2, 2004.

14.“The Evolution of the United States Indian Policies and the Development of American Indian Activities in the 20th Century,” World Ethno-National Studies, no.2, 2004.