Li Li
Updated: 2016-08-05

Li Li, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Tel: +86 05922188386

E-mail: lilixmu@xmu.edu.cn



2002, BA, History, Xiamen University

2005, MA, World History, Xiamen University

2008,PhD, World History, Xiamen University

Professional Experience

2008-2013, Assistant Professor,the Department of History, Xiamen University

2013-present, Associate Professor, the Department of History, Xiamen University

2015-2016, Visiting Scholar, the Department of History, Princeton University, USA

Research Area

American History,Urban History, and Social History, with particular attention to public housing policy and housing affordability in the United States.

Courses Taught

World History (1945-2000)

American Social History

Selected Publications

1. Li Li,“The American Federal Housing Programs for Workers during the First World War”, World History (No. 3, 2014), 32-40.

2. Li Li,“Robert Taylor Homes: A Case Study of American Post-War High-rise Public Housing”, Historiography Quarterly (No. 2, 2013), 88-97.

3. Li Li,An Analysis of the American Public Housing Policy in the New Deal”, Journal of Xiamen University (No. 3, 2013), 59-66.

4. Li Li, Dong Xingyan, “The Attempting Discussion of Notes on Academic Translation Publishing: A Case Study of American Urban History”, Science-Technology & Publication (No.4, 2013), 58-60.

5. Li Li,“Review on the Development of Public Housing Policy in the United States”, Historiography Quarterly (No. 1, 2010), 113-124.

6. Li Li,“Recent Developments in the Research of American Urban History in China”, Chinese Social Sciences Today 7, October 28, 2010.

7. Li Li,“New Harvest in Law History and Commerce History in Ming-Qing Period”, The Journal of Chinese Social and Economic History (No. 1, 2008), 103-105.

8. Han Yu, Li Li,“Review on the 14th National Symposium on Historiography Theory”, Historiography Quarterly (No. 2, 2008), 152-156.

9. Li Li,“Diversification is not Equal to Integration: The Plight of Minority Suburbanization”, in Wang Xu ed., Every Phenomenon of American Cities (Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2008), 38-56.

10. Li Li, Wang Xu, “Evolution and Enlightenment of the U.S. Public Housing Policy”,Southeast Academic Research(No. 5, 2007), 48-53.