Liu Miao
Updated: 2016-08-05

Liu Miao,Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Tel: 0086 13599505182

E-mail: liumiao@xmu.edu.cn



2000, B.Sc., Nankai University;

2003, M.Sc, Nankai University;

2006, Ph.D., Nankai University.


Professional Experience

2006-2008, Postdoctoral Fellow atDepartment of History, Xiamen University;

2008-2011, Assistant Professor at Department of History,Xiamen University;

2011-now, Associate Professor at Department of History, Xiamen University.

Research Area

Mainly engage in the research on Chinese archaeology of Song, Yuan and Ming, Chinese ceramic archaeology and maritime archaeology. Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties archaeology belongs to the historical archaeology and it studiesthe law in the historical development of Song Yuan and Ming Dynasties through the archaeological remains of that time. Chinese ceramic archaeology belongs to the category of special archaeology. It focuses onrelics of Chinese ancient pottery and porcelain to reveal the history of production. In the maritime archaeology, we research, explore and study on the maritime cultural relics to detect the ancient human’s maritime activities.

Courses Taught

The Archaeology of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, till Sui and Tang,Dynasties;

The Archaeology of Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties;

The History of Chinese Ancient Ceramics;

An Introduction to Museology;

Investigation and study of Chinese Export Porcelain;

Theory and Practice of Museology.

Selected Publications

  1. The Porcelain Export under the Haijin (Sea Ban) Policy in the Early Ming Dynasty. ARCHAEOLOGY. 2012(4):84-91.

  2. A Preliminary Study of the Archaeologically Discovered Ding Yao Procelain of the Jin Period. ARCHAEOLOGY. 2008(9):59-73.

  3. The Islamic Elements of Blue and White Porcelain in the Early Ming Dynasty. JOURNAL OF XIAMEN UNIVERSITY (Arts and Social Science). 2008(1):121-128.

  4. A Study of the Ceramics from the Gonggu Shipwreck in Dongshan County, Fujian Province. Maritime Cultural Heritage and Archaeology in Seas Surrounding China.Science Press, Beijing,2012:127-137.

  5. A comprehensive study on the 16-18th century silver coins of Spanish American colonials discovered in southeast coastal China.Maritime Cultural Heritage and Archaeology in Seas Surrounding China(). Science Press, Beijing, 2015: 260-274.

  6. To see the change of maritime trade of Ming Dynasty through the shipwrecks found in East Asia. Proceedings of the International Symposium on the 16-17th Century Maritime Silk Road. South of the Five Ridges Fine Arts Publishing House, Guangzhou, 2016: 96-110.