Shui Haigang
Updated: 2016-08-05

A/P Shui Haigang

Department of History

Faculty of Humanities

Xiamen University



+86 592 2182624 H

+86 13950181728 M


2006.7Ph.D.Xiamen University

2003.7M.A.Xiamen University

2000.7B.A.Xiamen University

Work Experiences

2011.8- Associate Professor, Department of History, Xiamen University

2007.9-2011.7 Assistant Professor, Department of History, Xiamen University

2006.8-2007.8Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore

Research Interests

ØModern Regional Social History of China

ØModern Regional Social and Economic History of China

ØCommercial Organization and Network

ØModern Transnational Network of Overseas Chinese around South China Sea

Courses Taught

For Undergraduate

History of Republic of China

Introduction to Modern Regional Social and Economic History

For Graduate

Modern Regional Social and Economic History of China

Modern Economic History of China

Major Related Experiences

Chinese Economic History Society, Director

Lin Zexu Study Institute of Fujian Province, Director

South Seas Society of SingaporeLife Member

Major Publications:

Articles in Journal

1. Persisting and Continual Seeking: the Interview of Mr. Chen Shiqi, (with Guo Chongjiang), History Teaching Issues, 3(2011).

2. Reviews of the development patterns of Min River in Modern Times, Guangming Daily, 5/5/2011.

3. On the External Market of Chinese Treaty Ports: With the Focus on Modern Fuzhou, Journal of Xiamen University (Arts & Social Sciences), 2(2011).

4. On the Weeskamer of Batavia during the Dutch Colonial Period Focus on Kong Koan Records, (with Weng Pin), History Teaching, 12(2010).

5. Reviews of the Economic Connections between up and down streams of Min River in Modern Times, the Journal of Chinese Social and Economic History, 3(2010).

6. Overseas Relation and Impacts of Modern Chinese Chamber of Commerce: Focus on the Xiamen Chamber of Commerce, History Teaching Issues, 3(2010).

7. Transnational Contacts and Qiaoxiang Politics: Min Clan Associations in Southeast Asia and their Ties with the Fujian Local Government in the 1930s-1940s, Journal of the South Seas Society, Vol. 61, 2007.

8. On the Economic Relations Between the Ports and their Hinterlands in Modern Times: with the Min River as an Example, Journal of Xiamen University (Arts&Social Sciences), 3(2006).

9. On the Relationship between Modern Customs and the Local Associations: with the Concurrent Control of Modern Xiamen Custom over the old Customs as an Example, Historical Review, 3(2005).

10. The Interaction between the Immigrants and the Trade Network of the Chinese Businessmen Around the China Sea: Focusing on the South China Sea in the Modern Times, Journal of Shanxi Normal University, 5(2005).

Chapters in Books

1. A Study on the Relationships between the Chambers of Commerce in South China and the Overseas Chinese in Modern Times, in Liu Zepeng (eds.) Interaction and Innovation: the Studies on Overseas Chinese from Various Perspectives, Guangxi Normal University Press, 2011.

2. A Study on the amount of Rice Trade in the scope ofMin River in Modern Times, in Wang Rigen, Zhang Kan, Mao Lei (eds.) the History in Xiamen University, Vol.3, Xiamen University Press, 2010.

Book Review

1. “The Unique Path of Studies on the Ethnic Relations in Southeast Asia—Comment on the Peripherization of Minorities and the Separatist Movements: A Study in Southeast Asian Ethnic Problems in the Global Age & Coexisting and Separating: Aspects of Ethno National relations in Southeast Asia” ,(with Weng Pin), Southeast Asia Studies, 6(2012).

2. From China-centred to Cross-region view: Comments on Cross-Region History: the New View on studies of Modern China and Nanyang Chinese,(with Lu Shuang), Humanities International, Vol. 3, Xiamen University Press, 2010.

3. Comments on Interactions between Ocean Asia and Overseas Chinese, International Journal of Chinese studies, First Issue, 2009.