Wu Hailan
Updated: 2016-08-05

Wu Hailan

Associate professor


E-mail: 13774692719@163.com



1998,BA History, Huaibei Normal University

2001,History M.A, Beijing BormalUniversity

2006, History, Dr. BeijingBormalUniversity

Professional Experience

2004--present, College of humanitieshistory, Xiamen University;

Research Area

My research fieldsarehistory of Chinese historiography and history of Chinese Confucian classics. I have Strong interest inConfucian school, so I pay close attention to therelationship between classics and history. In the future, I willConcentratedmy research in the Han and Song dynasties.

Courses Taught

Selected works of Chinese history

Introduction to historical bibliography

the history of Chinese culture

History of Chinese classics


Selected Publications


  1. The spread of Huangzongxi’s thoughts about Attachingimportance to the classics and Classics discussion, Chinesecultural studies,2006,3

  2. Rites of Zhou, Spring and Autumnandzhangxue-cheng'shistoriography,Historiography Quarterly,2010,3

  3. The debateover Neo-confucianism pass inhistory of Ming Dynasty in thethe Early Qing Dynasty, nankai journal 2011,4,

  4. The inheritance and development of traditional Chinese academic history by Huangzongxi, nankai journal,2016,1


The Confucian classics and history by Huangzongxi,Xiamen University Press,2010