Zhang Huiyong
Updated: 2016-08-05

Zhang Huiyong, Ph.D.

Associate Professor.



1996—2000: Department of Philosophy, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), B.Phil.

2000—2003: Research Institute of Ethics, Hunan Normal University (Changsha), M.Phil.

2004—2007: Department of Philosophy, FudanUniversity (Shanghai), Ph.D.


Professional Experience

2007—2010: Office of Social Sciences, Shantou University, Guangdong Province, associate professor.

2010—2012: Department of Philosophy, Peking University, Beijing, postdoctoral researcher.

2012—now: Department of Philosophy, Xiamen University, Fujian Province, associate professor.


Research Area

1.Kantian ethics; 2.Applied ethics; 3.Consequentialism; 4.Political philosophy; 5.Religious ethics.


Courses Taught

1.Ethics; 2.Kant’s religious philosophy; 3.Schleiermacher’s philosophy; 4.Basic philosophical theory; 5.Ancient Chinese ethics; 6.Applied ethics; 7.Contemporary trend of social thought.


Selected Publications


1. Go Back to Moral Phenomena Themselves: On Kant’s Reasoning Methods of Moral Metaphysics. Studies in Ethics, 20053);

2. An Enquiry on Kantian and Schleiermacher’s Doctrines of the Highest Good. Journal of Xiamen University,2013(3)

3. On the Way to the Highest Good: On Kant’s Historical Teleology. Zhejiang Academic Journal, 2011(5);

4. On the Ecological Ethical Meaning of Kant’s View of Nature. Marxism & Reality, 20091);

5. Modernity or Classicalism: On the Neoconservative Critique to Modern Political Ethics. The Northern Forum, 20092);

6.On the Orientating Action of the Highest Good to Kant’s Critical Philosophy. Studies in Ethics, 20086);

7. The Relation between Morality and Religion in Kantian Philosophy.Social Science Journal, 2011(3);

8. On the Two Dimensions of Kant’s Concept of Will. Social Sciences Review, 20093);

9. The Highest Good as Perpetual Peace: On the Relation of Morality and Politics in Kant’s Historical Teleology. Science.Economy. Society, 2011(3)


The Guideline of Critical Philosophy: a Study on Moral Faith in Kant’s Philosophy; Guangming Daily Press, 2011.

A Study on Schleiermacher’s Doctrine of Highest Good. China Social Sciences Publishing House, 2013.