Zhou Wu
Updated: 2016-08-05

Zhou Wu, Ph.D.

Vice Professor.





1993, B.Ph., Nanjing University;

1998, Ph.D.,Nanjing University.


Professional Experience

1998--present, Department of Phylosophy, School of Humanities, Xiamen University;


Research Area

His main work is looking for and explanting Chinese philosophy deep wisdom by linking with the new studies of western philosophy, economics, politics, sociology, histories. From the diversity of human and social phenomenon, he thinks that we can find the deep wisdom of Dao.


Courses Taught

Introduction to Chinese Phylosophy



Selected Publications

1. The Basic Problem of YuanQi Theories,Foguangshan Press,2001.

2. Introduction to Studies on Chinese Religions,Zhonghuadaotong Presss,2001.

3. The Historical Geography of Chinese southeast in Tang Dynasty,Chinese Social Sciences Press,2011.

4. The Geography ofZen Buddhism in Late Tang Dynasty, Religion Culture Press,2012