Yang Song
Updated: 2016-08-05

Yang Song, Ph.D.

Associate Professor.

Tel: 0592-2182403



2006, B. Philosophy Department, Xiamen University;

2000, Ph.D. Philosophy Department, Xiamen University;

Professional Experience

2011.7-2014.7, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Xiamen University;

2014.8-present, Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Xiamen University.

Research Area

1.Marxist ethics. Focus on the discussions among British and American scholars since the 1970s about the series of marxist ethics. Pay special attention to the issues on marxism and justice, the basic nature of marxist ethics, morality and ideology and so on.

2. General theory of “norm”. Keep high attention to the problem of norms, such as rationality of norms, norms and reasons, norms and freedom.

3.Ethics principle. Pay special attentions to the basic theory of ethics and western metaethics

Courses Taught

Principle of Marxist Philosophy, Value, norm and language, Philosophy And World

Selected Publications

1.“Ought Imply Can”The Principle of OICand Obligation, Journal of Beijing Normal University(Social Science), 2014(2).

2. Western Metaethics In One Hundred Years: Theme And Argument, world Philosophy, 2014(2).

3. “Good” and Non-natural Property: the Discussion about Moore’s Changes on His Thought, Studies in Ethics, 2013(2).

4. Whether Marxism Derives “Value” from “Fact” or not: The Achievements, Faults and Illuminations of Analytic Marxism, Journal of XiamenUniversity(Arts & Social Sciences) , 2012(5).

5.The Research on Naturalistic Non-Reductionism in Metaethics, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 2010(5).

6.Kant, Hare and Universalism, Morality and Civilization, 2009(1).

7.Habermas’s Criticism, Correction and Misunderstanding of Western Metaethics, Fujian Tribune The Humanities & Social Sciences Bimonthly), 2011(2).

8. Ought and the Logic Preconditions of Norms, Journal of Northeastern University(Arts & Social Sciences) , 2011(2).