Anthropology and Ethnology
Du Shuhai
Updated: 2016-08-05

Du Shuhai Ph.D.




2011, Ph.D., SUN YAT-SEN University, In historical anthropology.

Professional Experience

2011/09-present, assistant/associate professor, school of humanities, Xiamen University.

Research Area

The history of Sino-Vietnamese borderland, popular belief and rituals of south China.

Courses Taught

Historical anthropology; Theories and policy of Minzu in ChinaTraditional village society and new village construction inChina

Selected Publications

DU Shuhai2016“Social Class Change and Cultural Transformation in Qing Frontier Ethnic Region: A Case Study of Commemorative Stele Inscriptions in Jingxi County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region”,Chinese Journal of Sociology(in Chinese Version), 36(1),2016;

DU Shuhai2016“The Emperor, King and Chieftains: On the Empire's Ideology around the Expedition against Vietnam during the Jiajing Period of the Ming dynasty”, Journalof Xiamen University(Arts& Social Sciences),No.233(01) , 2016;

Du Shuhai (2014) “Between Hill People and the State: Reviews on James C. Scott’s Study of Zomia”, World Ethno-National Studies, No2, 2014;

Du Shuhai(2013)“The Political Trends of Native Chieftains in the Upstream Areas of the ZUO River of Guangxi from the Late Song dynasty to the Early Ming dynastyThe Making of Ancestral Story Based on Tomb Epitaphs of Prefect Huang”, Ethno—National Studies,No4, 2013;

Du Shuhai(2013)“Re-think on the ‘Country Fair’ Phenomenon in Taiping Zhou of Guangxi during the Period of Late Qing Dynasty to Early Republic of China” , Researches in ChineseEconomical History ,No3, 2013;

Du Shuhai (2013)“How China Has Attained Cultural Unity beyond Diversity: Controversy over Standardization of Gods and Orthopraxy among Scholars in China and Abroad”, Folklore Studies, No4, 2013;

Du Shuhai(2013)“The Social Function of popular Belief: A Case Study on the Literatures and Fieldwork in Guangxi Province” , Religious Studies, No3, 2013;

Du Shuhai(2013)“The Transformation of Production Method of Small Ethnic GroupsA Case Study on Guangxi’s Jing People in the Tonkin Gulf”, Heilongjiang EthnicStudies, No2, 2013;