Anthropology and Ethnology
Lin Qi
Updated: 2016-08-05

Lin Qi, Ph.D.

Associate professor.

Master supervisor.

Tel: 13306010019



1988, B.A., Shantou Spare-time University;

1994, M.A., Kobe University;

1998, Ph.D., Kobe University;

Professional Experience

1997/04-2001/03, Lecturer at Osaka University of Economics;

1999/04-2001/03, Lecturerat Osaka Jogakuin Junior College;

2001/03-2001/12, Lecturer at College of Humanities, Xiamen University.

2001/12-present, Vice-professor at College of Humanities, Xiamen University.

Research Area

My main research areas are cultural anthropology, ethnology and folklore. I especially focus on folk beliefs and festivals customs research. I am dedicated to translation of outstanding Chinese and Japanese academic titles. Main research projects I participated in this year includes: Cultural exchange between China and JapanSoutheast ethnic relations and ocean cultureetc.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses

Anthropology and world nationalities

Chinese ethnography

Culture of Taiwanese Gaoshan nationalities

Master’s course

Folklore research

Selected Publications

  1. The Pioneer ofStudies in Taiwan Aboriginal CultureOn the Research Methods and Characteristic of Torii Ryuzo's Fieldwork of Anthropology.World Ethno-National Studies2013,(2.

  2. Academic Trends on Japan Society of Human culture.Modern Anthropology2013,(1.

  1. Oral Traditions of Rural Northern China—Text and Performance in Narrative Music. Iguchijunko.Xiamen university press.2003.

  2. Chinese characters().Sirakawasizuka.Xiamen University Press.2005.

  1. Survey on Imorod Local Custom.ToriiRyuzo.Tonsan Publications Inc.2016.