Anthropology and Ethnology
Lin Hong
Updated: 2016-08-05

Lin Hong, Ph.D.

Associate Professor.

Advisor for Master students

Tel: 13950057104



1982, Bachelor of History, Fujian Normal University;

1990, Master of History, Fujian Normal University;

1994, Trainee, Kyoto University, Japan;

1996, Master of Laws, Aichi University, Japan;

2005, Doctor of Social Sciences, Ochanomizu University, Japan.

Professional Experience

1982-1992, Teaching Assistant and Lecturer, Department of History, Fujian Normal University;

1996-2006, Assistant Researcher and Associate Researcher, Institute of Sociology, Fujian Academy of Social Sciences;

2006-2007, Research Fellow (Postdoctoral), Department of Humanities, Ochanomizu University, Japan;

2007-present, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University.

Research Area

Anthropology of Gender, Anthropology of Sexuality, Women/Gender Studies, History of Chinese Women, Urban Anthropology.

My initial research interest was the history of Chinese women, particularly women of moral integrity (women who refused to remarry after their husband’s death and women who took their own life after being humiliated) in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Then during the years in Japan, I explored diverse topics, including relationship between courtesans and scholars of ancient China, and the abolition of prostitution upon the foundation of New China. After returning home, I expanded my research area from women/gender to gender diversity, paying close attention to the dynamics of Chinese LGBTQI communities and movement. In recent years, as part of my urban anthropology projects, I established new field sites in Zengcuo’an and Shapowei, two of the most famous traditional neighborhoods that struggle to survive and thrive in the urbanization tides of Xiamen.

Courses Taught

Anthropology of Gender (selective course for anthropology undergraduates)

Urban Anthropology (selective course for anthropology undergraduates)

Gender Studies and Feminism (course for anthropology postgraduates)

Gender and Society (course for university general education)

Selected Publications

Selected Monograph in Japanese

1. The Policy of Eliminating Prostitution in China: A Case Study of Fuzhou City in the 1950”s. Akashi Press (Japan). 2007.

Selected Articles in Japanese

2. Anti-prostitution Movement of Mao Era: An Investigation of Its “Success” and Limitation. Journal of Institute for International Studies (Aichi University). 1997, Vol 108.

3. Sex Industry in the Social Reconstruction after the Foundation of New China. China Research Monthly (China Institute). 2003, Vol 668.

4. Sexual Attitudes of Mao Era. Journal of Institute for International Studies (Aichi University).2007, Vol 128.

Selected Articles in Chinese

5. The Development of “Chastity” from the Perspective of Women’s Rejection to Remarry. Historical Research Monthly. 1992.4.

6. Historical Reflections on the Abolition of Prostitution and Women’s Liberation. Women's Studies Collection.1997.2.

7.The Essential and Academic Value of Gender Theories. Fujian Forum. 2004.1.

8.Thinking Gender from an Anthropological Perspective: Taking Intersex People as an Example. Xiamen University Journal - Philosophy and Social Sciences.2012.3.