Jiang Xin
Updated: 2016-08-05

Jiang Xin,PH.D.



Sep.2000–Jul.2004 Wuhan University College of Philosophy

Major: philosophy Degree: Bachelor of Philosophy

Sep.2004-Jul.2007 Peking University Department of Philosophy

MajorChinese philosophy Degree: master

Sep.2007-now Peking University Department of Philosophy

MajorChinese philosophy


Professional Experience:

2012-present: Assistant Professor and master tutor of the philosophy Department of Xiamen University


Research Area:

My main research directions conclude: the Confucian philosophy before the Qin Dynasty, the philosophy of the Han Dynasty, Confucian political philosophy, ChunqiuGongyang School. I attach importance to analysis of the literature after the philosophical thought very much.


Courses Taught:

Chinese Philosophy and Religious Studies, Confucian political philosophy; undergraduate courses Book reading, Academic and political of the Han Dynasty.


Selected Publications:

On the Authenticity of Articles about Five in “Chun Qiu Fan LU”: Jounal of Hebei Normal University NO 4,2011

On the Author of Two Chapters in the Spring and Autumn Annals: The History of Chinese PhilosophyNo1,2012