Yang Shijin
Updated: 2016-08-05

Yang Shijian, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor.

Tel: 0592-2182403



2002, B.Eng., Hunan University, Changsha;

2005, M.Eng.,Tsinghua University, Beijing;

2006, Ph.D., Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Professional Experience

2005-2006, Assistant Engineer atShanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, Shanghai, Shanghai;

2012-present, Assistant Professor at Philosophy Department, School of Humanities, Xiamen University;

Research Area

My research interests focus on history and philosophy of life sciences, especially on conciliation and integration of theoretical frameworks and conceptual systems from different fields in movement of “Extended Synthesis” of contemporary biology, and the ontological and epistemological studies on a central concept “biological individuality”. I am the project leader in these research programs:

  1. Philosophical studies on “Extended Synthesis” movement of contemporary biology, supported by National Social Science Foundation, 2014

  2. Studies on “biological individuality” in modern biological thoughts,supported by Social Science Foundation of Fujian Province, 2013.

Courses Taught

2012-present: Dialectics of Nature, required course for graduate students.

2013-present: Western philosophy of sciences, optional course for graduate students.

2013-2015: Humanistic studies on life sciences, optional course forundergraduate students.

Selected Publications

1. ZhangH, YangSJ, FuZL. Alienation of the relationship between master and apprentice in the scientific society: How to reconstruct their relationship in the era of big science. Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2015, 37(4): 104-110.

1. YangSJ. Discussions on demarcation, analysis and representation of research objects of contemporary life sciences.Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2012, 33(6): 107-112,118.