She Shiqin
Updated: 2016-08-05

She Shiqin, Ph.D.

Assistant   Professor




2006, B.A., University Toulouse II Le Mirail, France. Adviser: Pr. Dr. Jean-Marie Vaysse

2008, M.A.,University Toulouse II Le Mirail, France. Adviser: Pr. Dr. Jean-Marie Vaysse

2012, Ph.D., University Toulouse II Le Mirail, France and University Oldenburg, Germany. Advisers: Pr. Dr. Jean-Marie Vaysse, Pr. Dr. Johann Kreuzer, Pr. Dr. Jean-Christophe Goddard

Professional Experience

2010-2012, Lecturer for Chinese at the Department of Sinology, University of Hamburg, Germany;

2012-2015, Postdoctoral Fellow at Tsing Hua University, Pekin, China;

2014.4-2014.6, Visiting scholar at the Department of Philosophy, Utrecht University, Netherlands;

2015-present, Assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy, Xiamen University.


Research Area

Hölderlin, German Idealism, Heidegger, Philosophy of consciousness, Poetics, Philosophy of art, Tragic theories.

Research languages: French, English, German, Chinese


Courses Taught

Heidegger`s explanation of Hölderlin`s poetry

Introduction to Hölderlin`s thinking and poetics

Problems of the subject in the history of philosophy

Kant: An introductory reading of the Prolegomena


Selected Publications

  1. Du “tournant” dans la compréhension du tragique chez Hölderlin,Laval théologique et philosophique(LTP),71/2,2015

  2. Frank`s Critique of Habersmas` inter-subjective theory,Philosophical Trends, 2014.10

  3. On the “Turning”in Hölderlin`s thinking of the tragic, Foreign Literature Review, 2016.2.18

  4. Frank's critique of Hegel's philosophy of consciousness: A reflection on the theory of “Inter-subjectivity”, Journal of Xiamen University, 2016.3.28

  5. Hölderlin and Hegel, Chinese Social Sciences Today,2016.1.19

  6. Hölderlin`s critique of Fichte`s absolute I, Philosophical Analysis, 2013.10

  7. From the eternal subject to the temporality of the poetic individuality--Hölderlin’s Wenn der Dichter Einmal des Geistes Mächtig ist ..., Academic Journal of Jinyang, 2013.11

  8. Hölderlin`s Judgment and Being and the early Schelling, Journal of Hunan Administration Institute, 2015.1