Curriculum for History of the World
Updated: 2016-08-09
Curriculum for History of the   World (*C-Compulsory;O-Optional)
CategoryCourse NameCreditMasterPhDRemarks
Compulsory Courses:
     Master 15 credits, PhD 9 credits
Historiography and   Academic Writing3CO
Major Issues in History ofthe   World3C

The Frontier of Studying on historiography of World History3C

Bibliography and methodology of World History3C

Professional English3CO
Pro-seminar for Historical Research3OC
The contemporary academic trend3OC
Methodology of Scientific Research3OC
Theory and practiceofthe fieldwork3OC
American Urban History3OC
Major Issues in American History3OC
American Intellectual History3OC
TheMethodology on Overseas   Chinese Studies3OC
Topics on Southeast Asian Chinese Social Culture3OC
Optional   CoursesIntellectual History   of the West2O

AmericanHistoryfrom Colonial time to 20th Century2O

Ancient Near Eastern Texts2O

Some IssuesintheHistory of Europe2

Urban History of the West2O

Chinese Society and Culture of Southeast Asia2O

Other RequirementsCoursescompletedduringthemasterstudiescanbeexemptedinthedoctoralstudies.
     Detailed requirements are formulated by individual