Curriculum for History of China
Updated: 2016-08-09
Curriculum for History of   China (*C-Compulsory;O-Optional)
CategoryCourse NameCreditMasterPhDRemarks
Compulsory Courses:
     Master 15


     PhD 9 credits
Historiography and   Academic Writing3C

The study about chinese historical datum3C

TheFrontier ofStudyingon Chinese History3CO
The State and Society in the Ancient and Medieval China3CO
Tradition and Modern3CO
The Economic History of Traditional and Modern China3CO
Space and history3CO
Studies in Chinese Social and Cultural History3CO
Textual Analysis and Field Work3CO
Pro-seminar for Historical Research3OC
The contemporary academic trend3OC
Methodology of scientific research3OC
Theory and practice of the fieldwork3OC
The Special Topics on the Ancient and Medieval Chinese History3OC
Basicstudiesofmodern Chinese social economic history3OC
Socio-Cultural in Modern China3OC
Introduction to new books on Chinese economical history3OC
Social & Economic History in the Ming-Qing Period3OC
Environmentandsocio-economyin Ming and Qing Periods3OC
Special Subject of Ming Qing History3OC
Topics in SocialandCultural History in the West3OC
Research on Special Topics of Chinese Culture History3OC
The Frontier ofStudyingon Maritime History3OC
Issues in the Chinese Historical Geography3OC
Theory and Methodology in Historical Anthropology3OC
Study of Folk Historical Document3OC

     Optional Courses
Special Topics on   Qin-Han Dynasties History2O

Special Topics on Weijin-Sui Tang Dynasties History2O

Special Topics on Song-Yuan Dynasties History2O

Topics of Ming-Qing History2O

Studies on Modern China2O

The Studies For History ofModern Chinese Customs


Topics on Maritime history in China2O

Research on the Historical Geography of Regional China2O

Topics on China Regional Socialand Economic History2O

Introduction to folk history document2O

Topics on Economic and Financial History of Ancient China2O

Topics on Environment History2O

Courses   completed during the master studies can be exempted in the doctoral    studies.
     Detailed requirements are formulated by individualprograms.