Curriculum for Chinese Language and Literature
Updated: 2016-08-09
Curriculum   for Chinese Language and Literature(*C-Compulsory;O-Optional)
CategoryCourse NameCreditMasterPhDRemarks

Master _7_ credits,
     PhD _
5_   credits
Academic English2
Academic English 12C
C For students of   Literature
Academic English 22C
C For students of   Literature
Research methodology and thesis writing3CC
The Contemporary Academic Trend3OO
The Frontier of the Science of History2OO
The Methodology of Scientific Research2OO
The Theory and Practices of Fieldwork2OO
Study on Aesthetic3O

The Study of Western Modern Literary Theory3O

Post Modernism Literary Theory2O

Selected Readings of Western classical Aesthetics2O

Chinese classical Aesthetics2O

Methods of Literature criticism Theory2O

Methodology of Applied Linguistics Theory3O



Computational Linguistics2O

hing Chinese as a SecondLanguag2O

Historical Comparative Linguistics2O

Dialect and Phonology2O

China Philology2O

Chinese grammar2O

Pronunciation and Language Investigation2O

Topics on pre-modern Chinese Lexicology2O

Topics on Chinese Dialects2O

Contemporary Syntactic Theory2O

Topics on early-Tang Literature2O

The monographic studies of literature in Tang and Song Dynasties2O

The monographic studies of literature in Ming and Qing Dynasties2O

Chinese Classical Texts2O

The spread and acceptance of Chinese ancient poetry2O

Study on the writers of the Six Dynasties2O

Bibliography and Academic Origin2O

Studies of ancient Ci2O

Historical Data of China contemporary literature2O

Seminar on Chinese modern literature2O

Seminar on China contemporary literature2O

Study of Overseas Chinese Literature2O

The history of Chinese women's writing / feminist theories and thoughts2O

Chinese modernity and post modernity culture2O

China modern classical novel2O

Study on the new poetry China2O

The contemporary European and American Literature and its methodology   in ecological perspective3O

The contemporary American literature3O

Topics on Russian Literature in twentieth Century3O

Reading and translation of English classical literary2O

The literature and culture of Medieval European2O


Frontier Theory of Aesthetic study3OOC   for Ph.D of literary theory
The frontier study of Chinese ancient literature3OOC   for Ph.D of Chinese classical Literature
Dynamic study of Chinese modern and contemporary literature3OOC   for Ph.D of modern and contemporary literature
The frontier research ofApplied   Linguistics3OOC   for Ph.D in linguistics
The history of Chinese philology inside and outside of China3OOC   for Ph.D of Chinese Philology
Ecological criticism3OOC   for Ph.D of comparative literature
Other RequirementsCourses   completed during master studies can be exempted in the doctoral studies.   Detailed requirements are formulated by different disciplines.