Zhang Zhi
Updated: 2016-08-09

Zhang Zhi , Ph. D.

Assistant Professor




1997, B.E., Shandong University of Techonlogy (Shandong University);

2000, M.A., Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences;

2006, Ph.D., Peking University.


Professional Experience

2007-present, Assistant Professor, College of Humanities, Xiamen University;


Research Area

Modern Chinese Literature and New Learnings. Manuscripts of Qian Zhongshu(钱锺书). Chinese version of Cambridge History of Literary Criticism(vol. II, THE MIDDLE AGES). The history of translation and research of western classical works. Foreign novels translated byLin Shu(林纾) . Studies of works in Chinese by western people in Ming and Qing. Abstract category of western classics.


Courses Taught

Modern Chinese Literature; Fictions in late Qing and the early modern Chinese Sociaty; The Influence of Literary Translations on Modern Chinese Literature; Selected Readings on Late Qing Poetry; The History of early modern Chinese Literature (1820-1917); Stylistic Reading of Modern Scholarly Works.



Wo Geng Ji (蜗耕集, A Miscellany of Snail Ploughing ), Zhejiang University Press, 2012

Zhong Xi Yinyuan (中西因缘, East-West Encounters), SASS Press, 2012

Yiyu yu Xinxue (异域与新学, New Learning in Overseas Travel Writings of Late Qing China), Peking University Press, 2014