Wang Yue
Updated: 2016-08-09

Wang Yue , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor.

Tel: 15160021907



2006, B.A.,Yunnan University;

2008, M.A., Sichuan University;

2011, Ph.D., Sichuan University.

Professional Experience

2011-present, Principal Investigator for Unreliable Narrative’s group , College of Humanities, Xiamen University.

Research Area

Unreliable narrative is a literary phenomenon under the influence of cultural factors as well as long-standing narrative skill. Our research group connects the history of unreliable narrative and realism paradigm, and discusses how the concept of realism impacted on unreliability in fiction.

Courses Taught

Narratology; Foreign Literature; Selected Foreign Fiction; College Chinese; Comparative Literature.

Selected Publications

  1. Wang Yue. On the Unreliable Narrative in Ian McEwan’s “Solid Geometry”. Foreign Literature. 2010, (1): 16-22.

  2. Wang Yue. A Close Reading on Shanzhai Culture in View of Semiotics. Social Scientist. 2010, (9): 151-4.

  3. Wang Yue. Narrativization as an Unreliable Narration in Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love. English and American Literature Studies. 2011, (14): 191-202.

  4. Wang Yue. The Comfort of Strangers: Phalanx of Unreliable Characters and Narration. Foreign Literatures. 2011, (2): 120-8.

  5. Wang Yue. Unreliable Narrative in TheCement Garden by Ian McEwan. China Three Gorges Tribune. 2011, (3): 21-5.

  6. Wang Yue. Atonement: Interpretive Negation in Leveled Unreliable Narration. English and American Literature Studies. 2013, (19): 45-54.

  7. Wang Yue. Dance with Shackles: Ian McEwan’s Fiction and Unreliable Narrative. China Social Sciences Press, 2013.