Li Xiang
Updated: 2016-08-09

Li Xiang,  Ph.D.

Assistant Professor.





2004, B.Sc., Hunan University of Science and Technology;

2007, M.Sc, Fudan University;

2011, Ph.D., Peking University.

Professional Experience

2011/07-present, Assistant Professor, College of Humanities, Xiamen University.

Research Area

Chinese Grammar; Chinese Rhetoric; Chinese information processing.

Courses Taught

For Undergraduate Students: Modern Chinese; Ancient Chinese; Chinese Grammar.

For Graduate Students: Introduction to Contemporary Syntactic Theory; Studies on Chinese Grammar.

Selected Publications

  1. Li Xiang (2014) The types and restrictions of preposed-CLVPs in Chinese. Journal of Chinese Studies, Xiamen University, 1: 195-208.

2. Li Xiang (2011) Can verb classifiers be borrowed from nouns? Studies of the Chinese language, 4: 313-25.

3. Yuan Yulin, Chen Zhenyu, Zhang Xiusong, Li Xiang, ect.(2010) Towards a computational paradigm and technological approach to cognitive linguistics. Contemporary Linguistics.2: 97-114.

4. Yuan Yulin, Li Xiang, ect. (2009) A situational semantic analysis of you-constructions in Chinese. Chinese Teaching in the World, 3: 291-307.

5. Li Xiang (2007) The subjectification of the construction “zhi()+Vsense”, Rhetoric Learning, 1: 37-40.