Li Bohan
Updated: 2016-08-09

Li Bohan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor.




2004, B.Sc., National Kaohsiung Normal University;

2007, M.Sc, National Kaohsiung Normal University;

2015, Ph.D., National Tsing Hua University.


Professional Experience

2009-2014, Adjunct Instructor, National Tsing Hua University;

2015-present, Assistant Professor,College of Humanities, Xiamen University;

Research Area

Bo-han Li’s major research interests focus on Chinese historical phonology.My areas of research focus understand the influences of Sanskrit over Chinese historical phonology, and I primarily interested inDengyunxue, Siddhāṃ,Sanskrit-Chinese transcription. My work involvesearly modern Chinese phonologyand Siddhāṃ. I delineate the practical relationship between Siddhāṃ and Dengyunxue, and find out the spread routes and the transition of the Siddhāṃ knowledge in Ming and Qing.


Courses Taught

1.College Chinese

2.Ancient Chinese

3.Chinese linguistics history

4. Chinese Historical Phonology

Selected Publications

1Bo-han Li.The Reappearance of the Structure of Rhyme Table: A Study of the Phonological Features of Yinxue mishu.Chinese Studies. 2015, 33(2):199-233.THCI Core

2Bo-han Li.From adoption to practice: Academic development and achievement of Sanskrit-Chinese transcription. Han Yu Shi Yan Jiu Ju Kan. 2013,16:85-139.CSSCI

3Bo-han Li.Shanmen xin yu yin yun yan jiu, Xinbei Shi: Hua Mulan wen hua chu ban she. 2015.ISBN978-986-322-988-9