Liu Tingyu
Updated: 2016-08-09

Liu Tingyu , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor.

E-mail: freyaliu@126.com


B.A,Xiamen University, History, 2004-2008

M.A,Xiamen University, History of Ancient China, 2008-2010

Ph.D, Xiamen University, History of Ancient China, 2010-2013

Research Area

Ming dynasty of China (1368-1644).

Border residents in ancient China.

Courses Taught

Ming history; History research; Ancient urban history in China;

Population history of ancient China.

Selected Publications


Rethinking Ethnic Time,Family Time and the Paradigm of Ethnic History: A Perspective Based on Studies of Family Texts in the She and Yao Ethnic Groups, Journal of Xiamen University ( Arts  Social Sciences),No.4.2012

General Yu’s guilty and rehabilitation, Conference Proceedings of Ming dynasty China in world vision, Changchun: Jilin people’s publication house, 2012; pp.370-384

The Classification of She people’s genealogy in Fujian and Taiwan, People's Tribune, vol 35.2011.

Analysis of Panhu in Fujian and Guangdong chorography of Ming Qing dynasty, Festschrift in honor of Professor Fu yilin, Xiamen: Xiamen University press,2011.pp.719-737

Prosperity and Transition of Ming dynasty between Chenghua and Hongzhi years, Conference Proceedings of Ming dynasty status of Chinese history,Tianjin:Tianjin ancient books publishing house,2011.pp.74-91

Governor Caimaode in late Ming dynasty, Ming History Study, Hefei: HuangshanShushe press,2010.vol 11,pp344-352

Social function of sacrifices in Shanxi provincial guild of Ming and Qing dynasty, Root,vol 6, 2007.

Commander Lin xian in the war between Qing and Nanming(ed), Xiamen: Xiamen University press,2008

Book Reviews

Chen zhiping, Family documents and the merchants in southeast China of Ming and Qing dynasty, Researches In Chinese Economic History,vol 3.2010.

Wang rigen, History of Chinese Guild, Journal of Fujian Social Science Association,vol 5,2007


Family documents Collection and Classification of She people ,which is part of Family Documents Collection and Classification of South Chinese Minorities .

Major Projects of National Social Science Fund support .Project Number 10&zd114.

Awards, Grants and Honors

Program of Outstanding Ph.d Candidate Training in Xiamen University.(2011)

National Graduate Student Scholarship in PRC (2012)

Academic award for Best New Doctoral Candidate by Ministry of Education of PRC2012