Sun Feiyan
Updated: 2016-08-09

Sun Feiyan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor.


E-mail: sunfeiyan2012@163.com


2004, Bachelor of Historiography, Shandong University

2010, PH.D., Tsinghua University.

Professional Experience

Jul. 2010-Jun. 2012, Postdoctoral Fellow at Unearthed Research and Protection Center , Tsinghua University, Beijing;

Jun. 2012-present, Department of History, Xiamen University;

Research Area

Make chaotic Chu Bamboo Slips orderly based on historical logic and ancient document, and textual research will be followed. Beyond that, the Character and Thought of the article on Bamboo are studied. In general, some articles will be compared with the ancient document, in order to clarify important historical events. The comparisons are also helpful for written form research and classic article diffusion path research.

Courses Taught

Introduction of Chinese History(Pre-Qin Part),

Reading Guidance of Ancient articles related to Chinese history (Part I),

Chinese Paleography,

Study of Chinese historical materials(Part I).

Selected Publications


  1. Trial Explanation of ‘ZhiBingQinBao, DeYuMin’ from RongChengShi, HuBei University Journal(Philosophy and Social Science ), Issue 1, 2009.

  2. Trial Explanation of ‘XiShuai’, Tsinghua Unversity Journal(Philosophy and social Science), Issue 5, 2009.

  3. Partial View of ‘HuangMen’ from Tsinghua Bamboo, Tsinghua Unversity Journal(Philosophy and social Science), Issue 2, 2011.

  4. Interpreting of ‘LizhiYi’ of ZhuoZhuan, ShenZhen University Journal(Humanities and Social Science), Issue 2, 2012.

  5. Re-discussion of ‘WeiYinJiJiTang, XianYouYiDe’ of YinGao from Tsinghua Bamboo, Edited by Unearthed Research and Protection Center of Tsinghua University, Research of Tsinghua Bamboo(Book I), ZhongXi Publishing House, Dec,2012.

  6. New Inquiry of Events related to HuZhiHui happened in 7 Years of JinChengGong, and discussion of how to deal with different descriptions between ShiJi and ZuoZhuan, Central Plains Cultural Research, Issue 6, 2014.

  7. New Analysis of the Characterization of ZhouGongZhiQinWu and ZhouSong of The Book of Songs from Tsinghua Bamboo, Bamboo and Slips Research 2014, Dec, 2014.


1, ShangHai Museum Bamboo ‘RongChengShi’ Arrangement and Textual Research, Chinese Social Science Press, 2014.

2, Preliminary studies of XiNian of Tsinghua Bamboo, ZhongXi Publishing House, 2015.