Humanities Team Won The Second Price in the Psychodrama Competition
Updated: 2016-08-29

At 7pm, Dec.12, the 8th Psychodrama Competition final and performance of Xiamen University was held in the lecture hall of Science and Art Center.Team from the College of Humanities  won the second price in the competition.



  Group Photo of Breakout Members and Humanities College Teachers


9 teams reached the final, among which Elaborate Performance from College of Economics won the championship as well as Best Popularity Award by their drama Bibi's Friends Circle. Surface Strongest Team from College of Humanities and their work Breakout won the second price. Analysing the inner worlds of characters in their dramas, these 9 teams reflected confusion and mental problems of modern people and warned students to keep a healthy mind in campus life.


Actors of Breakout are Performing  


Participants showed opening dances before the competition, and actors of Breakout performed a dance named One Shot. In the following competition, Breakout showed a story about a graduating national defense student Ling Hao withhis two companions Han Zhen  and Yuan Ye  as well as Ling's girlfriend Su Qing . At the end of the story, Ling Hao understood what should be treasured are friendship and love. Judges and audiences were all impressed by actors' great performance. The main character Chang Zenghui said,” Thanks to all cast members and supporters,after two months ' rehearsal, we gain success today!”

TheCollege of Humanities, which had 4 teams reaching this psychodrama competition, also won Best Organization Award.