Schoolfellows Celebrated Xiamen University’s 95th Anniversary in College of Humanities
Updated: 2016-08-29

April , 6th, is Xiamen Universitys 95th anniversary . This morning , College of Humanities Youth Volunteer Association set a reception point at the Large South Gate , prepared for welcoming the schoolfellows who were going back to participate in the anniversary with full passion.


On the reception site , volunteers guided by Ma Xianghua , the secretary of Youth League Committee , registered information about these graduated schoolfellows , hand out them the anniversary material, and guided them to visit the campus and our college. The volunteers all affectionately called them old brothers or sisters, and the schoolfellows also excitedly told the volunteers their past campus life in Xiamen University , like yesterday . Everything was in order and harmony .


Many schoolfellows have already past 60 , but they are still very high-spirited and vigorous. An old man with a medal on his chest caught the volunteers attention. His hair on the temples is grey , and his back is bent. With his familys help , he slowly came over. When asked about this medal , the old man took out an army card from his pocket excitedly , began to tell his story .


An 85- year- old schoolfellow told the volunteers that there were several companies went back to school together on the 90th anniversary , but this time , only he came back . He hoped that he could return to the campus when the school is 100 years old . The volunteers relayed this to the interviewer feelingly .  


According to the statistics , College of Humanities received 53 schoolfellows in total , until about half past 5.p.m that day . A volunteer told the reporter : our old brothers and sisters are very kind and friendly , and we can feel their deep love to our school .


Xiamen University has been in education for 95 years , her students are devoting their life in all kinds of fields of social work , and some of them have already been retired for many years . Exert oneself constantly and never give up , pursue  excellence and strive for perfect . is the motto of Xiamen University ,which has influenced generations of its students . They bear this motto in mind , practice it , and make continuous progress in their professional fields . This is both inheritance and development.


College of Humanities, Students ,Advocacy Department