Tang Meihua, a doctor from Xiamen University gave a lecture at Harvard
Updated: 2016-08-29

On April 9th,2015,Tang Meihua,a doctor from the Chinese Department of Xiamen University, who was taking the joint training at Harvard gave a public lecture which lasted for one hour all in English at the Department of Comparative Literature.



    The title was ”Inquiry into Deep Ecology”. Professor Karen Thomber from the Department of Comparative Literature, Professor James Engell from the Department of English, postgraduates from the Department of Comparative Literature, English and Philosophy as well as some scholars who were visiting Harvard from China attended the lecture.



    Tang’s lecture was based on the Deep Ecology Theory research that she had developed at our school. With the guidance of her teacher Professor Wang Nuo, Tang’s work has been published on the first phase in 2015 of Nankai Journal as a headline. The lecture won acclaim of students and teachers of Harvard.

     “The presentation clearly pointed out some ambiguous problems existed in Deep Ecology.” said Professor Karen Thornber.

     “I like the way in which you questioned Deep Ecology which seemed mysterious and abstruse. I fully agree with you!” said Professor James Engell.

    In the Q&A part, Tang answered more than ten questions including Ecological Literature, Research on Ecological Criticism and lessons borrowed from Chinese traditional Ecological wisdom.


    It is said that lectures given by Chinese visiting scholars and doctors were mostly summary and mainly focused on Chinese academic thought. Those that concentrate on theoretical discussion and international advanced academic theories are really rare. Therefore, Professors from Chinese universities expressed their approval of Tang. They stated that the lecture were not only challenging but also increased the difficulty of oral expression because of complicated technical terms. All of those showed  students’ ability in Xiamen University and the level of doctor trainging in Xiamen University.