Humanities College Won an Honorable Mention in the Campus Dance Festival of Xiamen University in 2016
Updated: 2016-08-29


      On 14th May, the campus dance festival of Xiamen University in 2016, themed Build the dream of 95, Step into the world, was held grandly in the Great Hall of Jiannan at 7 p.m.. 13 dance teams from different colleges and students majoring in dancing from Art College brought the audience a visual feast. College of Humanities won an honorable mention with the program Flapping Egrets to Fly.


College of Humanities won an honorable mention  


    With preparation since April and after rounds of selection , Flapping Egrets to Fly sent by Humanities College was finally staged in the Great Hall of Jiannan, impressing the entire audience with its beauty of spirit. The program uses egret as a metaphor for Egret Island, Xiamen, depicting a nature and harmonious picture of egrets inhabiting on the island. All of the dancers looked like cute egrets, flying up high at one time and staying still at another time. Their outstanding dance in the soft light touched every spectator.


Dancers of the program performed excellently


      It is said that these dancers of Humanities College trained for more than 2 months, during which they got more and more familiar with each other, with the result of a tacit cooperation. They also showed that theyll never forget the days with laughters and sweat in spite of the hard training.