American outstanding youths visit XMU on Chinese language and culture
Updated: 2016-08-29

        The opening ceremony of the visiting group on Chinese language and culture, consisted of American outstanding youths was held July 5 , 2016in College of humanities ,Xiamen university.



        On the ceremony,  the vice principal Zhan Xinli expressed the sincere welcome  for the teachers and students , byquoting the Confucius  famous wordsIt is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. ” and then, she pointed out: Xiamen university and the university of Delaware have a rich experience in cooperating running school, both two have made their own contribution and achievement on the cultural exchange of China and the United States. This visiting activity also belongs to the cultural exchange between these two countries, given that,principal Zhan expected that all of the participants can ultimately reap and grow a lot in the coming six weeks.

Chen Jianguo, the professor managing the Chinese-language program in liberal art college, followed to give speech. He addressed that Xiamen University is a top-tier university with a strong faculty and facilities,  excellent students and beautiful campus. Except expressing gratitude, he also advised the students of visiting group can cherish the time in XMU, and make progress as well as growth.

Carrie Kemmet,who was very fluent  inChinese, expressed her expection on 6-weeks visiting activities, and showed her decisions on learning Chinese well, so as to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

On the opening ceremony, the volunteers performed some talent shows,  including hard and soft pen calligraphy, folk music, folk dance, ocarina, mulan fan, tai chi, and so on.

The project of American outstanding youths visiting group on Chinese language and culture, assisted by American association for international education, is an exchange program jointly organized byConfucius institutein university of Delaware and humanities college of XMU. It is aimed to improve American students’Chinese language ability, deepen their knowledge of Chinese history and culture.In the following 6 weeks,  the visiting group students will have a deep learning of Chinese from Chinese tutoring, seminars, talent courses, quality developments, and many other different aspects.