Lin Danya
Updated: 2016-08-29


Lin Danya Ph.D. 

Professor of Chinese Dept,Xiamen University.

Mainly as a contemporary Chinese literature,gender and literaturemaster`sand doctoral tutor.

Head of the Institute of Chinese language and Literature,Xiamen University.




1983, B.A, Xiamen University.

2000, Graduate student class, Xiamen University.

2007, Ph.D. Xiamen University.


Professional Experience

1983--presentEngaged in literature teaching, research and writing,inChinese department in Xiamen University.Served as teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor, professor.
2007—present, Head of the Institute of Chinese language and Literature, Xiamen University.


Research Area

Chinese Literature

Women's Literature

Gender and literatureandculture


The main courses:


Genderand Literature

Thehistory of theChinese women writing

Gender culture and literary criticism


Selected Publications:


From the boudoir poetry to prose: Women Writing in modern times from Qiu Jin, Collection of Women's Studies,  2014/06.

Gender and media ten years of game, Chinese Book Review, 2011/09.

The symbol of gender: from the woman, Nankai Journal, 2010/06.

The magic of language: myth metaphor view of gender, Nankai Journal, 2008/04.

Lu Xun inthe series of“Eloping”--An Analysis of “Shangshi”, Journal of Xiamen University, 2007/02.

Discourse in the world of Chinese language: Women's identity and image, Journal of Peking University, 2006/02.

Identification of writing, Fujian people's publishing house, 2015.

History of female literature in Taiwan (editor in chief),Xiamen university press, 2015.

Building of  Gulangyu Islet, Xiamen university press, 2010, 2015.

Chinese women and Chinese Prose,Yunnan People's Publishing House, 2007.

Think with your toes, Shanghai people's Publishing House, 1999.

The history of Chinese Contemporary Female Literature, Xiamen university press, 1995, 2002, 2006.