Su Qiong
Updated: 2016-09-08

Su Qiong , Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Master Supervisor 

Tel: +86-592-2186739 



1995, B.Litt., Fujian Normal University 

1998, M.A., Fujian Normal University 

2001, Ph.D., Nanjing University 

Professional Experience 

2001-2003, Lecturer, College of Humanities, Xiamen University 2

003-present, Associate Professor, College of Humanities, Xiamen University 

Research Area 

My research includes many fields, such as Drama, Film and Television, Modern Chinese Literature, Female Literature, etc, specialized on Female Drama research in recent years. In the perspective of modernity, I combine Theatre and Female Literature, trying to build Chinese Female History of Drama. In the temporal context, I take the changes of female consciousness and social environments as background, combing and mining the neglected female writers, re-interpreting female playwrights and their famous works. In the gender context, I compare processing differences between female and male playwrights on the same theme or subject matter. In the region context, I compare similarities and differences of writing conceptions in different female playwrights among areas, and on this basis, the research will be extended to the Anglo-American Female Drama. 

Teaching Courses 

Doctoral and Master Curriculum:  

1. A Monograph on the History of Theatre; 

2. History of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Drama; 

3. Play Scripts and Theories on Modern Drama; 

Undergraduate Curriculum: 

4. History of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Drama; 

5. Famous Literary Works and Film and Television; 

6. Masterpiece Appreciation on Drama; 

7. Individual Studies of Modern Female Writers. 

Selected Publications Papers: 

1. Su Qiong. Oedipus Complex during the Anti-Japanese War: On Zhao Qingge’s Play Scripts. Theatre Arts. 2014,6:46-53. 

2. Su Qiong. Theatre Expression for Gender and History. Theatre Arts. 2009,4:39-50. 

3. Su Qiong. The Process of Gender Alienation: A Study on Chinese Feminist Theatre from 1949 to 1966. Theatre Arts. 2006,3:47-65. 

4. Su Qiong. A Study on the Feminist Theatre in China in 1980s. Theatre Arts. 2005,4:54-62. 

5. Su Qiong. Absurdity, Flight, and Return— A Study of Su Xuelin’s Works in the 1920s. Journal of Nanjing University. 2003, 1(Vol. 40):146-153. 

6. Su Qiong. Chinese Modern Female Comedy: the Daydream and the Wisdom. Theatre Arts. 2002,1:43-53. 

7. Su Qiong. Stepping Out of the “Wall”: the Innovation of the Form and the Changing of Concept of the Historical Drama in 1990s. Drama (The Journal of the Central Academy of Drama). 2002,1(Total 103):26-32. 


8. Su Qiong. The Female Drama in the Cross Context. Academy Press, 2016. 

9. Su Qiong. A Pictorial Album of Chinese Theatre Arts. Jiangsu People’s Publishing House, 2009.