Li Chengxi
Updated: 2016-09-08

Li Chengxi  

Doctor of Literature

Associate professor   

Master supervisor


1998--2001Chinese Department of Nanjing University , PHD

Work Experience

2001--2003School of Literature & Journalism, Sichuan University, post doctorate

2003--Chinese Department of Xiamen University, teacher

.2009--2010Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, visiting scholar

2014--2015Chinese University of Hong Kong, visiting scholar

Area o fResearch:

1.The research of Lu Xun.

2.The Relationship of the Modern Chinese Literature and the Traditional Culture of Chinese

3.The Modern ChineseNovel.

4.The Modern Chinese Writer Who magrated or exiled to Hongkong,Taiwan or Overseas after 1949

Teaching Courses:

The History of Chinese Modern Literature (the required course of undergraduate )

The Research of Lu Xun  (the optional course of undergraduate )

The Research of the  Modern Chinese Classical Novel (master)

The representing articles :

1. Why They Deny the Artistic and Value Importance of Mao Duns Novels during 1980-90s. [J]. Literary Review, 2014,6.

2. Polishing the Old Novels Written before 1949 in New China. [J]. Literary Review,2013,3.

3. Recognition the Phenomenon of Hu Niu. [J]. Literary Review, 2009,6.

4. On the Unfinished Chinese Modern Literature”. [J]. Academics in China. 2002,5.

5. Chinese Contemporary Literary History Reconsidered. [J]. Literary Review Collection, 2009,12.

6Plurality Culture Influence and Emergence of Modern Chinese Literature. [J]. 2003,2.

7. Lu Xun Taking Remedy or Defending the Dignity of His GrandfatherLu Xun taking remedy or defending the dignity of his social action(3 volumes)The Research of Lu Xun in Shao Xin (2014-2016).

8. Lu Xun taking remedy or defending the dignity of his social action (3 volumes)The Research of Lu Xun in Shao Xin (2014-2016). (3 volumes)The Research of Lu Xun in Shao Xin [J]. 2014-2016).

9. The Spiritual Impact from Grandfather: the Family Factor in Lu Xuns Growth. [J]. Journal of Xiamen University, 2012,3.

10. Lu Xun on the Aesthetic Creative Mood. [J]. Journal of Xiamen University, 2005,6.

11. The Analysis on the Reason of the Old Mr. Wu's Death. [J]  Masterpieces Review, 2012,7.


Lu Xun and the Chinese Traditional Culture. [M]. Yunan Peoples Publishing House, 2006.

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