Li Wuwei
Updated: 2016-09-09

Li Wuwei, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Tutor

Department Director

Tel: 0592-2186375



1982, B. A., Yanbian University;

1987-1988, Further Courses in History of Chinese Language ( with Emeritus Professor Tang Zuofan ) , Peking University;

2000, Ph.D., Jilin University.

Professional Experience

1977, Educated urban youth at Dapu Chaihe Commune in Dunhua County, Jilin Province;

1982-1991, Teacher of Classical Chinese at the Department of Chinese, Yanbian University;

1991/10-2005/10, Associate Professor(1994-), Professor (1999- ) , Assistant Director of the Institute and Ph.D. Tutor(2001-), Jilin University (Visiting Professor at Kansai University one year) ;

2005/10-present, Professor, Ph.D. Tutor at the College of Humanities, Xiamen University;

2008-present, Director of the Chinese Department , College of Humanities, Xiamen University;

2012-present, Distinguished Professor , Xiamen University;

Meanwhile, Visiting Professor and Exchange Professor in Japan, France, Vietnam and other countries.

Research Area

Chinese and Historical Linguistics, Chinese Language History, Chinese Phonology, History of Chinese Education in the World, Rites System in Ancient China.

Courses Taught

Classical Chinese, Chinese Phonology, Chinese and Historical Linguistics, History of Chinese Education in the World, Academic Progress of Chinese Language History.

Selected Publications

Academic Paper:

1. Li, Wuwei. Classical Chinese Grammar: The Pedigree of Classical Chinese Grammar in China and Japan in Late Qing Dynasty. Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences). 2014, (6): 124-140.

2. Li, Wuwei. Oka Sankeis Grammar Text (1887): The Initial Construction of Japans Ancient Chinese Grammar System. Fudan Journal (Social Sciences). 2014, (4): 68-76.

3. Li, Wuwei. Phonological Features of Northeast Mandarin in Late Qing Dynasty and the Early Period of Republic of China. Dialect. 2013, (4): 348-355.

4. Li, Wuwei / Li, Hong. The Formation of Zhisi Series (“支思韵”) in Southern Song Jiujing Zhiyin (《九经直音》). Journal of Chinese Linguistics. 2010, (14): 239-248.

5. Li, Wuwei. The Research of Key View Points of Deshitous Yunjingkao (《韵镜考》). Studies of the Chinese Language. 2008, (3): 21-28.

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7. Li, Wuwei. Temporal Strata of Japanese Phonetics of Chinese Characters, Proofs and Methods of Their Identification. Contemporary Linguistics. 2005, (3): 251-258.

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10. Li, Wuwei. Philological Analysis on Southern Song Sun Yis Alternative Pronunciation of Qing Ru Zuo Qu (“清入作去”). Studies of the Chinese Language. 1998, (4): 294-298.


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